Fireworks on the 4th

    I photographed these on July 4th, 2016 from a waterfront park in Kirkland, not sure which but it’s the one with the T-dock.  I don’t get opportunities to get out much recently with all the problems with peripheral neuropathy which made this a somewhat special time for me.  Click on a photograph to get the high-resolution version of these photos.IMG_1395IMG_1372IMG_1373IMG_1384IMG_1395 IMG_1396

Big Brother Day

     We went to Kirkland to view the fireworks over Lake Washington since we no longer have the freedom to celebrate our freedom with our own fireworks, a ritual for me when I was a child.

     While we were waiting…

IMG_1343IMG_1352 IMG_1356IMG_1354

     Incidentally, the last photograph was shot at 3200 ASA after sunset which is why it is noisy.

The Lesson in Suffering

     In past times of my life when I was suffering, the reason was not clear during the suffering but became clear afterwards.  Always, there was a lesson God had for me in my suffering.

     Often, in the past, as soon as I “got it”, the suffering ended.

     This time it seems to go on and on and I am not getting it.  I wish God would speak directly to me as he did in solitary confinement in prison.  Sometimes I am just too thick to recognize anything less.

Burning Up – Group Health No Help

Friday – Saturday night I got 3-1/2 hours sleep before pain woke me up and kept me awake.  Last night I was unable to sleep at all.

At 8am, I called Group Health’s consulting nurse and told her of my situation.  She said to go into an urgent care center and they could do something to make me more comfortable.

I drove all the way to Bellevue, checked in.  They put me in a little room and gave me a hospital gown to put on.  Did that, waited two hours, finally a doctor came in and the end was that I got absolutely zero treatment.