Star Trek Beyond

     Went and saw Star Trek Beyond last night.  I was disappointed.  It had way too much CGI and way to little story line and plot.  The good thing was that we went to the Tuesday $6 special so didn’t pay too much to see it.  The casting wasn’t bad, the people that played Kirk and Spock didn’t look like the originals but did sound much like them.  I did not see the movie in 3D and I suspect that is what much of the computer graphics were aimed at, but in my humble opinion, even a 3D sci-fi movie needs story line and plot.  Spock also displayed more emotions than a Vulcan should even if it were for the sake of some marginal one-liners.

Better Drugs

     My neurologist has switched me from nortriptyline to amitriptyline and from gabapentin to pregabalin. This has greatly reduced my nerve pain to the point where I can actually sleep at night again, resulting in much improved functionality throughout the day.

     I am slowly catching up on things.  Today I got accounting current.  Now I am going to work on a new computer that will be another host and once it is in place a new virtual machine which will be a web server with the older PHP 5.6 on it to allow some services that are not yet ready for PHP 7.1, like the ticket system, to work.