Aiwa Receiver Dead…

I’ve had this Aiwa AV-DV75 receiver now for around a decade and today it bit the dust.  It still powers, the speaker relays engage, but no matter which input there is no output.  I’ve experienced this before and the last time it did this a processor reset brought it back to life, but not this time.  I’m really unhappy, this unit had some good solid low end heft, and I like to feel my music. The unit I had in two channel mode ran 170 watts per channel.

Haven’t the funds for a new replacement and not having much luck finding anything used near that power level.  This was a unit made after Sony bought Aiwa but unlike most Sonys, it didn’t have a power supply that wimped out with sustained bass.  This thing could sustain bass full power both channels until plaster rattled off the walls.  All my video stuff is old, composite RCA type NTSC no high definition so I don’t need a modern HDMI capable receiver, just switching ordinary composite video will do.  If anybody knows of anyone selling something reasonable, let me know please.  The quality of the audio amp if of more importance to me than most other considerations.

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