Ancient Human Found in China

I found this article in BBS News interesting because it provides interesting information about early modern humans.

The Chinese unearthed human remains believed to be between 39,000 and 42,000 years old. There is evidence to suggest that the remains were of a hybrid individual, that is to say the result of interbreeding between modern humans and early human species such as Neanderthal or Homo Erectus. I’ve always believed this was likely, I think it is likely there are some Neanderthal genes in me.

The other thing that was interesting is that there were evidence this individual was wearing shoes, 40,000 years ago.

Most people today seem to be of the belief that we are the first advanced civilization, and that aside from civilization, or predecessors were incredibly primitive. This believe seems to be held in spite of evidence of burials, religious ceremonies, and art by Neanderthals.