Credence Clearwater Revisited

img_1613     Went to a Credence Clearwater Revisited concert at the Puyallup Fair, they consist of the original drummer and bassist from Credence Clearwater Revival but they’ve got several new people in the band, one of whom, the tall guy that usually does the vocals, was not present in this concert.  Instead the guy who is the new lead guitarist also handled vocals and honestly I think he is a closer fit for Fogerty than the other guy.  Sorry can’t remember names, I’ve always been bad with names.

     Anyway, it was a good concert, played a lot of my favorites and they did a good job for a bunch of old farts.


Call the DEA

     You can also call the DEA and tell them kratom is critical for people suffering chronic pain.  It deserves to be schedule 1 even less than marijuana as you can barely get the slightest buzz from any reasonable amount of this and the amount needed to provide pain relief does so without getting me high at all which is why I prefer it to marijuana.

DEA Scheduling Kratom – Don’t Take My Pain Relief

     I use kratom for relief of neuropathic pain when the prescription crap I am given doesn’t work.

     The DEA has put out notice that they intend to add it to schedule 1 as of October 30th.  This means I will have a choice of going to prison or writhing in pain after that date.

     Please for my sake and other sufferers like me, sign the petition below: