I got to bed around 3am, couldn’t sleep, at 4:30am Eddie, (youngest son at 15) knocks on my door to tell me there is a tree on fire in our front yard.

Sure enough, the tree nearest the street is on fire. I called the Shoreline fire department, they came out and told me they couldn’t put water on it until City Light came and shut off the power to the lines. Then they left.

Tree in my front lawn burning for five hours.

After two hours, tree is still burning, no City Light, No Fire Department, No Sleep. Bits of flaming tree are occasionally falling out to the ground.

Shoreline Fire Departments Response

Shoreline fire department returned, this is the sum total of their response. Now I understand fully why they can’t do anything. Putting wire on a circuit already energized by 22,000 volts most likely will make matters worse and possibly endanger them.

What I don’t understand is why City Light can’t get someone to shut the power off long enough for the fire department to put out the fire leaving me with no option but to watch it burn. I’ve been awake all night, it would be nice to sleep; I’m hobbling around with a busted toe, I don’t need this.