The Fediverse / ActivityPub

     The Fediverse is a decentralized network of social media sites.  Because it is decentralized there is no central point of failure or censorship.  No central point that can use “algorithms” to skew election results, etc.  Because all the different nodes rely on a common protocol, ActivityPub, very different user interfaces and capabilities can work together to share content.

In my view, the Fediverse offers our best hope to realize the potential of the Internet as it existed before it was co-opted by MegaCorporations such as Alphabet Inc (parent company of Google, Youtube, etc), Facebook, etc.

With the recent explosion of Censorship on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn, people have been turning to alternatives like Friendica, Mastadon, Peertube, Diaspora, Funkwhale, GNUSocial, Pleroma, SocialHome, Misskey, Pixelfed, and more, I see potential for a better future for mankind.

These different platforms are not uniform in their focus or capabilities but they can all talk and exchange information with each other.  Funkwhale for example exists to share music, pixelfed images, others for Microblogging, Friendica for full length blogging and discussions similar to Reddit sans censorship.

Presently I am operating a Friendca node at Eskimo,, I invite you to try it out.