Haven’t had any more snow since yesterday. It hasn’t melted either but the weather forecast had called for five to eight inches overnight but it didn’t happen. Kids were disappointed because they had to go to school.

Roads still have some slush on them but reasonable navigable. I’m curious if my daughter has seen much snow in Utah.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving and I want to take this opportunity to give thanks for the good things in my life and the good people in my life.

I am thankful that both my parents are still alive. At their age they do have some health issues but nothing real debilitating or immediately life threatening, so I am thankful for that.

I want to thank my wife for loving me and putting up with me for thirty years. God I know that has to be hard sometimes. She has given me four beautiful children and three decades of happiness even though there have been things that have been difficult for me, in the end, she always makes life worth continuing.

I am thankful that my daughter, Christie, has found love and happiness. And I want to thank her for putting up with me, I have acted very childishly but I do love her and miss her very much.

I want to thank all of my customers who have been with me for many years, many have become good friends and helped out during difficult times.

I want to thank my employees who have helped make this possible and also who have helped me through this difficult time each in their own way, Eric just for talking to me when I needed to talk, and Chris for inviting us out to his place this Thanksgiving, this year I will miss my daughter who is now 900 miles away, but being with a lot of people will make it easier and I very much appreciate that.

I am thankful that, although we have had some difficult times, we’ve always had food, shelter, and the basic necessities of life.

With that, I just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!


Feeling pretty bumbed out today. Between all the server problems over the weekend, the scare with my wife, etc.

I guess I should explain that. Friday on the way back from fixing a server, she had a sudden onset of extreme vertigo and was hearing “static” that seemed to be coming from inside her head rather than one ear.

Worried that it might be something serious I took her into the doctors. It turned out to be Migraine “aura”. She has only suffered migraines for the last year and a half or so but up until now they’ve involved only pain no aura.

They gave her a shot of something that did take care of it but it really had me worried. Her father had an aneurysm in his brain at about this age (which fortunately was successfully operated on), so I was worried about something like that.

You get that huge surge of adrenalin through your system then when it’s gone it’s like total burn-out.


These are some images our house and immediate surroundings. This is the deck in the back complete with broken washing machine. It ate it’s bearings the other day and we obtained another for free that was advertised on CraigsList but haven’t quite figured out how to get rid of this one yet.

This is the left side of the front of our house and our next door neighbors to the west of us. That strip in between is how we usually access the basement or back yard.

Our house from the front. We have so far resisted cutting down all the trees. Most of our neighbors have eliminated most of theirs.

A shot out the back showing the wonderful gloomy Seattle area weather. One of the brief moments it hasn’t been raining. If you’ve been watching the news, flooding is widespread right now, worst I can remember in recent history.

This is a view from our front porch looking over the driveway of our new neighbors to the east of us. The people that lived there when we moved in both died some time ago of lung disease. Her husband was a ship builder and exposed to asbestos.

This is looking across a neighbors back yard, 6th Ave which you can’t see because it’s below everything, and through trees to a house that’s on 5th avenue on the other side of 6th.

This is looking down the hill in our backyard. When we moved in, this was a thick canopy of woods. An older woman owned all the property below and said that she was not going to develop it. She died and it got sold to developers. They bulldozed the woods below and built three houses on every lot the size of ours. The alders that were on our hillside all died shortly after that, turning what used to be very dense woods into sparse woods.

We live on the corner of two streets, that form a 90 degree turn at our house, and both dead end. This is a view of street we come and leave by.

This is a view up the other street which dead ends at I-5. At least being on the corner of two dead ends limits traffic somewhat.

A view looking out from our front porch.

Our back deck, complete with broken washing machine, taken from our back porch, and the woods, or what remains of them, behind.

Another shot of our back yard with what remains of the woods.

Delayed Birthday Gift

Carl, my oldest son, who is also moved out (but unlike my daughter I get to see and talk to him frequently), and a friend of his, Jeremy, gave me a late birthday present in the form of a couple of tweeters.

It happened that Jeremy had some sitting around he wasn’t using that just happened to be the same make and model as the tweeters I am using. I had cooked one recently when the computer went apeshit and put out some high frequency garbage on the sound card.

So now I’ve got highs in both channels again, yeah!

Election Results

Glad to see the Democrats got control of the House, hope the Senate follows. Hopefully this will signal and end to the Iraq war, the price gouging by the oil companies, and much of the corruption.

I sure hope now that the Democrats have control of the House, they will allow the impeachment petitions brought forward by both Illinois and California to be brought to the floor as required by the US Constitution.

I do hope that a newly reconstituted House Ethics committee cleans things out.

Thank you.

I want to thank Eric for letting me know about I was amazed at the variety of interests represented there, many things that I am interested in. So that will give me something to pursue.

I also want to thank the girls at The Slip in Kirkland, for being so nice to me when I came in there on my birthday.