Our Neighbor Died

I’ve lived in Shoreline for 23 years now and during this time we’ve been blessed to have one of the nicest couples for neighbors anybody could ask for, the Anthonys.

Last night around 11pm, Mrs. Anthony passed away. I had thought Mr. Anthony was in his 90’s, but apparently he is older than I had realized. He said if she had lived until the end of this month they would have been married 87 years. Still 86+ years is more time than most people will have together but if you really love someone it’s always too soon.

He is still in reasonable health, golfs regularly, etc. I don’t know now how he will do. I don’t think I’d survive in the same circumstances. He’s a career Coast Guard guy, pretty tough so maybe he’ll pull through some how. I can’t think of anything worse than can happen to someone and it is terrible that it had to happen to him.