Multi-dimensional Time

I have been interested in science and particularly physics and the physical nature of the universe, if that is even the right word for it, in which we exist all my life.

At the same time I’m aware of aspects of mind and spirit that are very non-physical in nature and these also interest me.

There have been some phenomena that I have experienced in my life and that others have experienced that are written off as purely mental phenomena but in one case I did an experiment that proved to me otherwise.

The experience of Deja-Vu, I had these frequently when I was younger than about 30, very rarely sense. And the way most scientists explain it is a hemi-sync phenomena, in which one brain hemisphere gets the information directly via the senses but indirectly from the other hemisphere’s via the corpus callosum and when these two things get out of sync that hemisphere gets the “I’ve been here before” sense.

Knowing about this theory I had an opportunity to test it, I was listening to Art Bell one evening, and suddenly I had this experience and I knew what he was going to say before he said it so I started to speak it outloud, and I heard my own voice say exactly word for word what he was going to say, before he said it, for a little more than a minute, totally disproving the hemi-sync theory. There was and is something going on outside of our normal physical experience.

The other phenomena that I’ve experienced repeatedly is the so-called Mandela effect. Many people thought that Nelson Mandela died in prison and were surprised to later learn that he was released and then became the President of South Africa. I’m sure he’d be rolling in his grave if he knew what was going on their now. But I experienced this in regards to Nelson Mandela myself, but I experienced numerous other cases, like Gene Wilder dying before Gilda Abner, didn’t happen in the history we know now but it did for me.

Those familiar with quantum theory are aware of the phenomena known as quantum wave function collapse. Where something is in two states or even an infinite number of states, until it is observed, and then the wave function is said to collapse and the event takes a definite state.

There is much argument over the exact nature of this, one interpretation is that consciousness plays a role in the evolution of the universe, but if so how did the universe start, and that would argue that consciousness existed before the universe came into existence as it was necessary to direct it’s evolution, so that argument has a certain degree of what some people find absurd to it. Then another says, the wave function really doesn’t collapse, that at any time something can be in more than one state, it continues to be in more than one state and the universe bifurcates at the point we observe it, and our consciousness bifurcates with it, with one part of us going with one state and that’s all that part of us can know, and another part totally unaware of the other copy of us sees it go the other way. This is the so called many worlds theory.

In the many worlds theory as it was originally enveloped, there is no interaction between the various bifurcations and so one copy of “us” is totally unaware of any others, and that is the case with every aspect of the universe, but more recently there is an offshoot of the many worlds theory called the many interactive worlds theory which allows for interaction between universes through the phenomena of quantum entanglement.

This theory makes sense to me as it explains how quantum computers work. They work by creating entangled states between cubits which when observed can bring solutions from every possible states because they are tapping into copies of themselves in multiple parallel universes encompassing all possible states.

I suspect another aspect of this is that time itself is not a single dimension but is multidimensional and that we experience the convergence of times dimensions in the present but times dimensions diverge away from us in the past as well as in the future. This allows for things like the Mandela effect because we all didn’t arrive at the present point via the same timeline, but even more radically and importantly it means we all may not experience the same future.

I think it is possible for our consciousness to jump timelines. I think we do this when we dream, but I think we can also do it in our waking lives. Sometimes I think we do so en masse.

If time is multi-dimensional, then it’s possible for us to follow curved timelines or timelines that are not of a straight forward trajectory with seemingly irrational results but which really are rational if we understood the nature of time.

What I really am interested in learning now is whether or not there is a way for us to objectively see and choose alternate trajectories.