The British…

     Pretty much everything the British say is offensive.  What this person is really blathering about pertains more specifically to Islam.  And this seems to be a European wide phenomena.  Where native populations have not grown in most of Europe they’ve imported more Muslims, and social integration is not happening, rather culture clashes are.

British People Now Face Jail If They Post ‘Offensive’ Content Online

My Political Views

     My political views may seem somewhat random, I’m against war, against racism, I must be leftest, I’m against abortion, I believe in God, I am not in favor of gun control, I might be right wing. Actually I don’t fit comfortably into any party. My thoughts are more along the lines, if we didn’t spend 99% of the pie on trying to snatch a slightly larger piece for ourselves as individuals or for our nation, and instead put that into making the pie bigger, then by now we’d be enormously advanced relative to our actual state. If the pie is large enough, then how we divide it is not so important as there would be enough to go around for everyone, then the socialist verses capitalist argument becomes not so important. The problem of human population would be lessened if everyone knew they would be taken care of in their old age regardless of whether they had 14 children or none. There are environmentally sound ways of providing the things we need, but corporations always do what is most profitable not what is best for the planet and the rest of us, but a bigger pie removes many of those negative incentives.