Heading Home

  This whole area has been rezoned for 70 foot high density apartment buildings without the requirement that parking be provided.  That means these trees will be going away to be replaced with ugly 70 foot monoliths and the streets will be almost impassable.  Agenda 21 here we come! Thank you Shoreline City Council!


Trees Doomed

In a few years, all these trees on the right will be destroyed in order for the agenda 21 bastards to build a train station for Sound Transit.  I moved out here 31 years ago to get away from all this urban rat cage bullshit, and now it’s just following me.  I am so unhappy with the Shoreline City Council and their eagerness to embrace agenda 21 and destroy our neighbourhood in the process.  Of course it makes a lot of money for land developers so screw the rest of us who just happen to live here.


Image Stabilization Works!

     Image stabilization on, hand held shot while in motion. Tried this with the old lens, always got some motion blur, but with this one crystal clear. I’d like to know how that works, it makes some funky sounds when on.  This was shot just from the crown of the hill just north of 190th on 10th Ave NE.  Funny how zoom messes with perspective.


Blood Letting

     For some reason, the skin on my face was really irritated this morning.  It made for an awfully horrid blood letting during my attempt to shave.  I did manage to rub some of the hairs of my face but took a lot of skin with it.

     My son loaned me a camera lens he isn’t using.  Looking forward to trying it out, it has image stabilization which is something my old point and shoot had, and on it, it allowed me to use longer shutter speeds than I otherwise could have gotten away with hand held.  The focus on this also has some sort of reduction drive so it’s much more gradual which should make it easier to focus more accurately.

     Now if days only had 100 hours, or if I could only get away with 6 hours of sleep like I did when I was younger.  I suspect exercise then or the lack of it now might also have something to do with it.

     I haven’t had any dreams that I was able to remember this morning and only one very brief moment of a dream was I able to remember yesterday.  That’s abnormal for me as I normally have a very rich dream life and usually remember several dreams on any given morning.  It’s probably just oldtimers disease setting in and ruining my memory.

Juanita Waterfront – Closer

     I love how the houses are individually designed, not one architect making one designed cloned two hundred times and all painted a designated colour ordered by the local home owners association.  And the trees, different species with different shapes and shades, not all mono-culture pine.