Saturday the 23rd at Lake Union’s GasWorks Park

     This is a photo of people on the hill at night at GasWorks Park.  It’s a bit grainy because it was so dark I could barely see them with dark adapted eyes so to get this photo I had to take a 30 second exposure at 1600 ASA and then electronically push that.

     This was just before I left, almost 11PM and the crowd was somewhat dwindling.  What was most amazing was that it was an entirely peaceful scene.  No obnoxious drunk people yelling or otherwise being belligerent, just a great overall vibe.  A couple of people were playing guitar off and on.


Coal Gasification Plant (in service 1908-1958)

     This is the old coal gasification plant at GasWorks Park in Seattle. It was in operation from 1908-1958, owned by the Seattle Gas Lighting Company. Amazing to think gas lighting was still in use up to 1958.

     The image is a little bit noisy because I used a 30 second exposure at 1600 ASA to get this image at night.  I have nice crisp clear day images of this plant but I liked the dark ominous tone the night image provides.


UFO Sunset

     Here is an almost perfect after Sunset at Lake Washington looking towards the Olympics with them prominent in the background.  But this damned UFO had to get in the spotlight and screw the whole picture.  How inconsiderate.

     Note, you’ll need to follow the link to the full-sized picture to see it.  It’s too small to mess up this reduced version.


Eastern Shore of Lake Union

     Eastern Shore of Lake Union with the old Seattle City Light oil burning power plant in view except now it is no longer a generator station but rather a facility owned by Zymo Genetics.  They left the old stacks up for historical reasons and also so they can release genetically modified microbes that will eat our brains into the atmosphere.  Be afraid!  Be very afraid!  The zombies are coming.