Urban Troop Movements

     I saw half a dozen personal carriers loaded with soldiers on I-405 between Renton and Bellevue at around 5:30pm tonight.  Seeing military movement in an urban environment makes me nervous.  The purchase of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition by the Department of Homeland Security makes me nervous. My take on it is that they’re getting ready for a civil war they are planning on creating.

     Anybody know what is going on?


Prison Dream

     I had another dream while I was back in prison.  It was a dream that seemed to last for many months even though it took place in the course of hours.

     All the other dreams, I had no understanding of why I was sent back, I hadn’t done anything illegal.  Yet nobody was coming to my aid.

     In this dream, I came to understand that it was a privately owned prison, the company owing the prison was giving kick-backs to a judge to make sure it stayed full.

     It’s been more than four years now but I suppose these will be with me the rest of my life.

Speaking of Die…

     When I was a kid, I had a friend by the name of Jim Hepworth, first knew him in elementary school, then he moved away, and then some years later moved back into the neighborhood.

     After school he went into the army.  I had bad feelings about it.  Later he returned but with the news that he had a grapefruit sized cancerous tumor in his stomach.

     He underwent chemotherapy and the tumor was highly responsive and was eliminated.  However, they told him at the time there was about a 20% chance that the chemotherapy itself could induce a secondary cancer.

     A couple of years later he developed lymphoma.  He came and visited me and told me he expected to have about two weeks left to live and was going on a trip to say goodbye to friends he met while in the army.  He did not return from the trip.

     However, before he left he told me if there was a way to contact me from after death he would.

     After he died, I had a series of dreams.  In these dreams he would come to the door of my apartment.  I’d answer the door and ask him how could he be here as he was dead?  He would tell me don’t worry about it, he was okay, and to just enjoy the time we had together.

     The dreams had a reality to them that was very much like the precognitive dreams I have had which come as little snippets of time in the future that I know I will eventually relive.

     These dreams went on for several months and then in one dream he told me, this was the last time he could come to me, and it was.  Never again did he appear in a dream.

     At 56, I’ve lost much family and friends to death and never have any of them ever come back to me in a dream except for Jim.

Photo Lessons

     I got little in the way of good photographs of the eclipse.  But I learned some photographic lessons from my mistakes.

     1) Remember to turn the image stabilization OFF when using a tripod.

     2) Remember the moon is MOVING with respect to the Earth and so long exposures don’t produce crisp images.  Use a wider F-stop and/or higher ISO if necessary.

     And… Bring a blanket or something…  It was COLD up on that hill last night.