Abortion – Another form of evolution in action.

     Honestly, that’s perhaps a bit mean but I think it is a sad place we are in that human life is not wanted to the point where we’re not only willing but anxious to kill life, human life, snuff it out before it is even born.

     It’s not just abortion where we see this total lack of value of life, it is widespread in today’s society.  The homeless that we tell aren’t even allowed to sleep.  If they fall asleep on a side walk they’re breaking the law.  If they park their trailer on the street because we’ve eliminated all the trailer parks, they’re breaking the law. And not just human life, but all life.  But the fact that EVEN human life is not valued really brings it all home.

     It’s this lack of respect and value for life that often leads me to just wish God would come and wipe the slate clean.

Thanking God

     I’ve been working on a technical problem for a long time.  Yesterday I finally achieved success at making a web login work with Unix authentication.  I’ve got a lot more to do, get logging on failures to work right so we can block repeated guesses, get it tied into WordPress so I can make use of it from within WordPress for more than controlling access, also for knowing identity so I can do things like adjust a persons spam filters based upon a web form.

     In the past anxiety has prevented me from thinking the issues through, when things didn’t work easily I’d tense up and get flustered.

     It has been the presence of God in my life that has allowed me to not do that, keep trudging, sometimes step back and do something else for a while, then return to the problem.

     It is the knowledge from Romans 8:28, that all things work to the good of those who love God and are called to his purposes, so even when something is frustrating and unpleasant, I can know there is some positive purpose for it.

     Yesterday when nobody showed up to a church based men’s group meeting that I attend Friday mornings, before leaving I sat and read the whole book of Haggai.  It was significant to me in that moment because Haggai deals with people whose lives were unproductive because God wasn’t at the center of their lives, and when they turned back they were blessed.

     I actually started by randomly opening the Bible and reading a verse and it just happened to be right where God was blessing them, so then I went back and read from the beginning of the book to understand how they got there.

     Anyway, I always believe in giving credit where credit is due, and I’d like to think gee, I’m such a clever person for figuring this out but the truth is I’ve always had the intellect but in the past could not apply it because of the lack of inner peace which resulted from the lack of God in my life.  So I want to publicly thank God for that.

     Not like life is perfect, still a long ways but I do feel like I’ve gone from a 40 year down hill slide to an upward trajectory.

Lorn Richey for City Council

     If you are a Shoreline resident less than thrilled by the current city councils refusal to listen to it’s constituents request to not radically rezone the land and avoid turning existing suburban neighborhoods into urban wastelands, Lorn Richey is a citizen presently living on 185th St, the street where the new light rail station will be built, and the center of massive rezoning that turns current suburban neighborhoods into urban wastelands sporting 70 feet tall apartments with no adequate way to accommodate traffic and parking and all the benefits such high density urban disasters inevitably bring with them.

     Elect Lorn Richey!

Everything and Anything

     Something has got my nose doing the irritation drip.  It feels just like when we were getting the smoke from the BC fires except no haze in the air so it’s not that.  This is usually a between allergy seasons time for me but I guess not this year.

     Speaking of irritating.  A neighbor has some kind of hound dog, and it yelps incessantly for hours on end.  Barking I can handle, I’ve got a dog, she barks, that’s what dogs do.  But the yelp this thing makes sounds like it’s got one of it’s legs caught in a meat grinder.  And even though, on a logical level, I know that it is okay, that’s just the sound it makes (else it would have died by now), it still cranks up the anxiety because on an emotional level it registers as an animal in serious pain.

     It’s already exceeded the projected high for the day at 2:30pm.  But 75.9° is a bunch more comfortable than 100.4°.  Yes, I know other parts of the country have it much worse, but they’re equipped with air conditioning.  It didn’t get below 80° in the house, with all the doors and windows open and fans going, until well after midnight last night.

Man’s Upright Posture

     Somewhere I read that our upright posture resulted from coming down out of the trees and needing to run fast in order not to get eaten by predators.

     I thought about this, it made no sense because even relatively slow big cats can run much faster than we can.

     But then, it really wasn’t necessary to run faster than a predator, just faster than whoever is with you at the time.

Tired, Beat Down

     Woke up at 3:50AM Friday, had a group to go to, but was late and only person that showed left before I got there.  So might as well have slept in.  Came back home and tried to sleep but couldn’t.

     There were many updates to apply to all the machines Friday, new kernels, ssh libs, other important stuff.  Was up until 2AM trying to get everything done but didn’t make it.

     Saturday morning, early afternoon, finished what I had started Friday night but the old eskimo.com shell server crashed within seconds of starting backups.  Drove down to the co-lo facility in 90°F stop and creep traffic in a car with a leaky heater core so was worried about over heating but made it there and back.

     Had dinner, Eskimo crashed again, made another trip.  This time took the compression off the backup and it went okay.  The machine has a marginal CPU module, task it too heavily and bad things happen.

The Big Dream

     If we all went to sleep and dreamt a dream wherein we could all encroach upon each others dreams, and at those encroachments were commonalities, often inconvenient and annoying, other times deep and rewarding, but elsewhere in the dream was our own private experiences, well, we’d be here.

     Someday we will awaken but we won’t need to tell each other about our private experiences because we’ll all know each others, and it will all mesh together and make sense.  Right now though it’s rather incomprehensible at times.

Firefox – The Nanny Browser

     Mozilla has decided to block all Flash plugins, even the very most recent, for security reasons.  I wouldn’t mind a warning, I wouldn’t mind even if this were the default behavior as long as there were some way to override it, but there isn’t.

     I hate Chrome, I hate the fact that anything and everything I do will be recorded forever in Google’s servers if I use Chrome.

     Opera on Linux is a kludge.  The user interface really sucks rocks, or worse.

     Firefox had a good interface, and it has development tools that are really useful, but this stupid move on Mozilla’s part ruins it for me and I’m sure a lot of other folks.  Way to go aholes!

Crown Victoria

    Here is a Crown Vic I’d like to have, although I’d prefer a ’55 to this ’56 because ’56 was the first year of printed circuit board instrument clusters and they were problematic and also because ’55 used a large distributor that was trouble free but ’56 they made it too small and it was prone to flash-over.  In ’57 they went back to a larger less problematic design making the distributor caps for ’56 unique to that year and thus somewhat more difficult to find and at the same time a frequent need to find them because of failure.