Comfort and Water Ballast

It was pretty galling to watch the water-ballasted boats taking the conditions very much in their stride – and with significantly more comfort for their crews. 

The Cascails fleet exhibited a good representation of current offshore design, and it was interesting to see how they fared.

Twin Shallow Keels

Twin keels become more effective with increased angle of heel, while a single keel becomes less effective.

“No other nation has put so much faith in bilge (or twin) keels as the British. Other countries have flirted with them, but we became so enamored with the concept that they were the first choice for anything less than about 36 feet.”

Practical Boat Owner
Buying A Second Hand Boat, April 2005, pg 54

Blue Bird, the first twin keel yacht, was<br /><br />
built in 1920 by Lord Riverdale. She was 25 foot<br /><br />
and had twin rudders not unlike a Mac26xIn light wind (less than 7 MPH) there is really no capsize risk in our kind of sailboat.