The Story of Finisterre

In 1954 the Olin Stephens designed yacht Finisterre was launched, to late for the Bermuda race that year. She was a 38 foot centerboarder and there is no more accomplished racing yacht. She ranks as one of the most significant yachts in the history of the sport.

Centerboard Slot, Gybing board, Forward Rudder and Canard

The nature of  the Murrelet centerboard is not well understood. MacGregor Yachts states in the cruiser’s brochure that

A long, thin airfoil is far more efficient than a short, wide one. This is why racing sailboat keels are deep, and why sailplane wings are long and thin.

Center and Lee Boarders Point Better than Keel Boats

In light to moderate conditions (when power to carry sail is not an issue), a center boarder or lee boarder has the advantage of more efficient and lower-drag lateral plane. All else being similar, it will point and foot better than a deep keel-ballasted boat”
Phil Bolger and Susanne Altenburger
Wooden Boats
November/December 2000 issue

I keep the WoodenBoat article with me.

Long Keels Less Seaworthy

Time to wake up! This happens all the time

I’ve seen people discussing liferafts and such, but for me this big issue here is keels. The four crew on Cheeki died because the boat’s keel fell off, probably very suddenly, and this is not, as some have suggested, an unusual occurrence.

Vigilant Centerboard

The 34th America’s Cup reintroduced catamarans. In 1988 a catamaran raced a mono hull with the result being a fiasco, the mono hull not being at all competitive. But multi hulled was not the only reintroduced innovation in the 34th.