Sailing Anarchy – U.S. Sailing Lawsuit

Once upon a time, in the realm of sailing, the United States found itself in a drought at the Olympics, unable to secure victory in any event. Amidst this struggle, U.S. Sailing faced scrutiny for missteps and law suits that hindered the interest of American athletes. Meet a fictitious character that succeeds anyway.

Sir Thomas Lipton

Sir Thomas Lipton, a knight so grand, in the tea trade made his name, His legacy in the Lipton Cup, added to his fame. From the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, to Seattle’s bustling bay, His influence on the sailing world, is still felt to this day. So here’s to Lipton, Geary, Monk, and the clubs that bear their mark, To the Spirit of Seattle, and the yachts that sparked a spark. In the annals of the sailing world, their stories brightly glow, A testament to the passion, that only sailors know.

Royal Victoria Yacht Clubs

Two Royal Victoria Yacht Clubs, both with Royal designation,
One in Canada, one in the UK, both with a rich history and reputation.

The Royal Victoria Yacht Club in Canada is known for Swiftsure, the ocean sailing race. In the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia this is sailing’s showcase.

The UK club was formed by Prince Albert to give Queen Victoria a yacht club she could enter and granting royal status made it even better.

Cowes Week

Cowes Week, the oldest and largest sailing regatta in the world, has a rich history spanning over two centuries. Here are some notable moments and milestones in the history of Cowes Week: 1788 – Sea bathing became popular at West Cowes and early sailing matches took place. 1794 – Report that the harbour was full…

Global Vision for America’s Cup

  “It should be more like Formula One, where you have races all around the world and all the races count toward the Championship.” Larry Ellison in 10 March 2014 San Francisco Chronicle. Regattas all over the world, Louis Vuitton Cup then America’s Cup in Honolulu is the current Vision. AC45s followed by AC60s but…

Vigilant Centerboard

The 34th America’s Cup reintroduced catamarans. In 1988 a catamaran raced a mono hull with the result being a fiasco, the mono hull not being at all competitive. But multi hulled was not the only reintroduced innovation in the 34th. Centerboards increase a vessel’s draft and that old innovation was also used. The American built…