Vancouver Island Trip 2004

Murrelet cruised up the east side of Vancouver Island in 2002, stopping at Desolation Sound, Octopus Islands, and Port Hardy. In 2004 we trailered the boat to Port Hardy, cruised around Cape Scott, and anchored in Winter Harbour and Quotsino Sound.


Leaving Port Hardy in "Murrelet."

Leaving Port Hardy in “Murrelet.”

Lighthouse near Port Hardy.

Lighthouse near Port Hardy.

The crabbing was good at Bull Harbour.


Going around Cape Scott, northern tip of Vancouver Island.

"Murrelet" passed a whale going around Cape Scott.

“Murrelet” passed a whale going around Cape Scott.

Winter Harbor from Murrelet

Approaching Winter Harbour.


"Murrelet" anchored in Quatsino Sound.

“Murrelet” anchored in Quatsino Sound.

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