Seasickness is a condition caused by the confusion between different parts of the balance mechanism in the body. It occurs when the brain receives conflicting signals from the inner ear’s vestibular system, which senses motion and gravity, and other sensory inputs like vision. This sensory mismatch leads to symptoms such as nausea, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue3. Seasickness is a common issue for individuals on boats due to the conflicting signals received by the brain when the body registers motion but the eyes perceive stability.

Stability Gained By Balance

Jack and his crew of fellow Sea Scouts spent countless hours on the water, learning the art of rowing And the science of seamanship. They learned how to keep the boat steady in rough waters, how to work together to maintain speed and direction, and how to use their collective strength and skill to win races and flotilla competitions. And they learned more.

Saint Hellens, Oregon USA

At the taproom in town, they sampled the brews, Craft beers on tap, a variety to choose. But little did they know, as the night grew late, They would encounter creatures, a mysterious fate. Two Bigfoot appeared, a male and his mate, In the misty woods of Saint Helens town, A Macgregor 26x set sail, up and down. Late September, the air crisp and cool, The crew embarked on a journey, a boating duel.

Olympia Washington, USA

I sailed from Seattle to Olympia, A journey of wonder and delight, Stopping at ports along the way, To see the sights and take in the light. First, I stopped at Blake Island, A state park with trails and beach, Then on to Penrose Point, A place that’s within easy reach. Next, I sailed to Jarrell Cove, A state park with a beach and trails,
And then to Boston Harbor, A small community with a marina that never fails. Finally, I arrived in Olympia, A city with a harbor so grand,
I hiked for beer made of artesian water, And walked the boardwalk at the Olympia Yacht Club, so grand.

Pocket Cruising

Pocket cruising is a term that applies to sail boats 27 foot and under. This is a challenging form of cruising owing to space limitations. For pocket cruisers, simple things make a big difference. Many of them are inexpensive. Over 15 years I find the following most valuable: 1. 2 gal water jugs I usually…

Republic of Kiribati

I have been asked many times for proof that the Murrelet can be considered ocean worthy. Until November of 2001, I was unaware that proof (outside of the mathematical ratios) existed. Because the uninitiated do not consider a trip across the English Channel, which is done by Mac26x boats, or a trip from Key West to…

Appropriate Freeboard

High freeboard improves buoyancy with no decrease in hull speed. Sailboats at rest with low freeboard only look faster than many of their high freeboard counterparts. Unless the boat has the general shape of a log, the heel of the vessel increases the freeboard presented to the wind. High freeboard presented to the wind when…