100. The Art And Science Of Navigation

IMG_3586Marine navigation blends both science and art. A good navigator constantly thinks strategically, operationally, and tactically. He plans each voyage carefully. As it proceeds, he gathers navigational information from a variety of sources, evaluates this information, and determines his ship’s position.

Tsunami Resistant Basin at Crescent City, CA

The Inner Harbor Boat Basin at Crescent City, CA was extensively damaged  by the March 11, 2011 earthquake off Sendai, Japan. Several dozen vessels and many docks were destroyed by wave cycles related to the earthquake-caused tsunami.

Pocket Cruising

Pocket cruising is a term that applies to sail boats 27 foot and under. This is a challenging form of cruising owing to space limitations. For pocket cruisers, simple things make a big difference. Many of them are inexpensive.


Comfort and Water Ballast

It was pretty galling to watch the water-ballasted boats taking the conditions very much in their stride – and with significantly more comfort for their crews. 

The Cascails fleet exhibited a good representation of current offshore design, and it was interesting to see how they fared.