French Polynesia

What is French Polynesia? How big an area is French Polynesia? What places In French Polynesia are note worthy? Are there other Polynesias? French Polynesia is an overseas collectivity of France and its sole overseas country, located in the South Pacific Ocean. It consists of 121 geographically dispersed islands and atolls stretching over more than…

Royal Victoria Yacht Clubs

Two Royal Victoria Yacht Clubs, both with Royal designation,
One in Canada, one in the UK, both with a rich history and reputation.

The Royal Victoria Yacht Club in Canada is known for Swiftsure, the ocean sailing race. In the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia this is sailing’s showcase.

The UK club was formed by Prince Albert to give Queen Victoria a yacht club she could enter and granting royal status made it even better.

Seattle SeaFair

Seattle Seafair, a festival of fun,
With hydroplane races and boats in the sun,
The Parade of Ships arrives in style,
Fleet Week brings military ships for a while.

Slo Mo Shun IV, the boat that invented summer,
Started the tradition that’s still a hummer,
Royalty reigns with Miss Seafair,
And the Blue Angels fly through the air.

Murrelet, a Macgregor 26X sailboat moored nearby,
Watches the festivities with a watchful eye,
The Seafair Indian Days Powwow celebrates culture,
And Ballard Seafood Fest offers seafood galore.

For 70 years, Seafair has been a delight,
With parades, community events, and boats in sight,
Seattle’s summer festival, a tradition so dear,
Brings joy to all, year after year.

Lucky Boat Renaming

To legally change the name of a USA vessel, specific documentation and procedures must be followed. The process varies somewhat from state to state, but in general, the owner must present themselves in person or otherwise make arrangements at the USCG office or Maritime Documentation Center in their area. There are forms and a charge…