Sailing Anarchy – U.S. Sailing Lawsuit

Once upon a time, in the realm of sailing, the United States found itself in a drought at the Olympics, unable to secure victory in any event. Amidst this struggle, U.S. Sailing faced scrutiny for missteps and law suits that hindered the interest of American athletes. Meet a fictitious character that succeeds anyway.

Golden Age of Pirates

In the Bahamas’ azure seas, A haven for the bold and free, Nassau, a pirate’s paradise, Where Blackbeard’s shadow cast its vice.

From Jamaica’s shores, the plunder flowed, Riches that the wicked hoard, A testament to piracy’s might, Defying autocratic blight.

On the high seas, they ruled the waves, Captains and crews, no masters to crave, A democracy of the daring and bold, Wealth and freedom, their tales untold.

Sailing Anarchy – virtual accent on the future

The Enron scandal was a series of events that led to the bankruptcy of the U.S. energy, commodities, and services company Enron Corporation in 2001 and the dissolution of Arthur Anderseny LLP, one of the largest auditing and accounting companies in the world. The scandal had far-reaching repercussions, particularly for recent graduates who had joined Arthur Andersen prior to the debacle.

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz, a place of history and lore, A place where the past lives forevermore, A fortress by the sea, a prison for the worst, A place where the weak perish and the strong thirst. Alcatraz, a place of history and lore, A place where the past lives forevermore. Pelicans soaring high, a symbol of hope, A place where the future and the past elope.

Cowes Week

Cowes Week, the oldest and largest sailing regatta in the world, has a rich history spanning over two centuries. Here are some notable moments and milestones in the history of Cowes Week: 1788 – Sea bathing became popular at West Cowes and early sailing matches took place. 1794 – Report that the harbour was full…

Fastnet 2023

The Fastnet Race is a prestigious offshore yacht race that has been held since 1925 1. It is closely linked to advances in yacht design, sailing technique, and safety equipment 1. The race has been sponsored by Rolex since 2001, and the prize is known as the Fastnet Challenge Cup1. The old race course covers…