I am pondering our population and our human response to it.
I see pro-abortionists wanting to kill babies.
I see eugenicists wanting to inject us with poison.
I see military wanting to savagely bomb other human beings out of existence.
And I am thinking, perhaps the real problem with our population isn’t the exhaustion of resources or pollution, perhaps it is that when human life becomes so plentiful, it looses all it’s value.


Friday, December 8, 2006 (Re-posted because some turd hacked my WordPress site and deleted it.  Now have fail2ban hopefully will prevent a recurrence.)

UFO Encounter
I used to have a bedroom in the basement of my parents house, the rest of the family slept upstairs. There was a door leaving the basement so I could leave the house without coming upstairs.

I went to an elementary school about six blocks away. To the south of the school there was a large area surrounded by woods except for the fence and playground of the school to the north. The area was mostly bare, high clay content, not much in the way of soil, just exposed clay.

I need to preface this by saying I don’t know how much of this is a dream and how much was real, but there was physical evidence that I went somewhere which I will elaborate on later.

One night I found myself compelled to leave the house at 4 AM, and for some reason the idea of getting dressed and getting shoes on didn’t occur to me. I left the basement in my pajamas and barefoot and walked down to this clearing which was about four blocks away.

In the clearing there was a landed saucer. It looked similar to this one:

This one isn’t exactly like I saw but was one of the closest I was able to find on the net. The craft that I saw didn’t have the pronounced hump on top, it was more like a straight slope.

The craft had a opening with a ramp down to the ground. I couldn’t see anything inside the door from where I was.

For some reason, I had it in my mind that aliens had left the craft to explore the surrounding area and I had it in mind to enter it and see if I could figure out how to take off and steal their craft. Silly, I know but then I was ten years old and not in a normal state of mind.

As I approached the ramp, I saw a being on the left side of the entrance looking out at me. I was frightened at first, but then he motioned me in with a hand motion, like a human would motion. I refer to him as ‘he’ but in truth I don’t know what sex it was or if their race even has sexes.

I thought this was an opportunity of a lifetime, and if he wanted to take me forcibly he would anyway so there wasn’t anything to be gained by not entering, so I did.

Inside the craft was bare. No compartmentalization, just one big room. I’d guess it was around 25 feet in diameter. There was something that resembled a lectern, I don’t know what it’s function was, but that was the only thing that resembled furniture. No chairs, no visible storage facilities, no restroom facilities, no sleeping facilities, etc.

From this I concluded that this craft was intended for very short duration trips, much like an automobile. Either it was capable of traveling vast distances nearly instantaneously, or it was a shuttle of sorts and there was a mother ship nearby. I don’t have anyway of knowing which but I had the feeling the first situation is most likely.

Other than the lectern like piece of furniture or equipment, the only other thing in the craft was what appeared to be a glass tube about a foot inside the wall and about a foot off the floor that went around the inside circumference of the craft. The tube had a minor diameter of about four inches and appeared to be filled with mercury.

The ramp from outside actually came up to the opening about two feet above the floor of the craft and there was another short ramp inside leading down to the floor. The mercury filled glass tube went under this ramp at the entrance.

Just to the left of the entrance, there was what appeared to be two coils of copper enameled wire, about 16 gauge around the glass tube with spacers that looked like phenolic, like this:


Where the ‘===’ is the mercury filled glass tube, the ‘|’ the spacers, and the ‘+’ the coils of copper enameled wire.

The wire was connected to something that looked like an automotive battery except that it had only three cells and the inter-cell connectors were external.

There was no obvious control mechanism, but I got the feeling this device was responsible for the drive of the craft.

There was no obvious light source, it just seemed to come from nowhere.

The beings were different than any I’ve heard described. Physically, they were short, maybe 3-1/2 or 4 feet tall and thin. Their skin tone was not gray, it was closer to a light computer beige. Their eyes were not “bug eyes” like grays are described as having, but they were larger than human eyes. Their heads were disproportionately large for their bodies but not to a great extent. They wore a one piece jumpsuit that had an iridescent metallic dark green appearance.

Then I found myself at home in my bed with no knowledge of how I got from inside of the craft back home. My initial thought was that I had just dreamt the whole experience, however, the bottom of my pajamas were wet with clay.

Around my house there was thick topsoil, you’d have to dig down three or four feet into the ground to get to clay. That clearing next to the school was the only place I knew of in the area with exposed clay.

The following day I attempted to go back to the clearing to see if there was an impression where the craft had landed or other visual evidence, but there were bulldozers down there flattening the area and spreading soil for what was to become a park. So any evidence that had been present was covered or destroyed.

They also thinned the trees along the perimeter so that the area was visible to people surrounding it.

I had no history of sleep walking prior to or after this event. For some reason the next morning I also did not want my mother to know so I washed my pajamas myself to remove the clay.

I don’t know exactly how much of this is real, how much is dream, how much is a screen memory, etc. I have heard Whitley Strieber refer to his experiences as dream like, but other aspects of his experience are completely different than mine.

It was this experience that has made the subjects of UFOs, aliens, faster than light travel, time travel, and the paranormal in general interesting to me.

Multi-dimensional Time

I have been interested in science and particularly physics and the physical nature of the universe, if that is even the right word for it, in which we exist all my life.

At the same time I’m aware of aspects of mind and spirit that are very non-physical in nature and these also interest me.

There have been some phenomena that I have experienced in my life and that others have experienced that are written off as purely mental phenomena but in one case I did an experiment that proved to me otherwise.

The experience of Deja-Vu, I had these frequently when I was younger than about 30, very rarely sense. And the way most scientists explain it is a hemi-sync phenomena, in which one brain hemisphere gets the information directly via the senses but indirectly from the other hemisphere’s via the corpus callosum and when these two things get out of sync that hemisphere gets the “I’ve been here before” sense.

Knowing about this theory I had an opportunity to test it, I was listening to Art Bell one evening, and suddenly I had this experience and I knew what he was going to say before he said it so I started to speak it outloud, and I heard my own voice say exactly word for word what he was going to say, before he said it, for a little more than a minute, totally disproving the hemi-sync theory. There was and is something going on outside of our normal physical experience.

The other phenomena that I’ve experienced repeatedly is the so-called Mandela effect. Many people thought that Nelson Mandela died in prison and were surprised to later learn that he was released and then became the President of South Africa. I’m sure he’d be rolling in his grave if he knew what was going on their now. But I experienced this in regards to Nelson Mandela myself, but I experienced numerous other cases, like Gene Wilder dying before Gilda Abner, didn’t happen in the history we know now but it did for me.

Those familiar with quantum theory are aware of the phenomena known as quantum wave function collapse. Where something is in two states or even an infinite number of states, until it is observed, and then the wave function is said to collapse and the event takes a definite state.

There is much argument over the exact nature of this, one interpretation is that consciousness plays a role in the evolution of the universe, but if so how did the universe start, and that would argue that consciousness existed before the universe came into existence as it was necessary to direct it’s evolution, so that argument has a certain degree of what some people find absurd to it. Then another says, the wave function really doesn’t collapse, that at any time something can be in more than one state, it continues to be in more than one state and the universe bifurcates at the point we observe it, and our consciousness bifurcates with it, with one part of us going with one state and that’s all that part of us can know, and another part totally unaware of the other copy of us sees it go the other way. This is the so called many worlds theory.

In the many worlds theory as it was originally enveloped, there is no interaction between the various bifurcations and so one copy of “us” is totally unaware of any others, and that is the case with every aspect of the universe, but more recently there is an offshoot of the many worlds theory called the many interactive worlds theory which allows for interaction between universes through the phenomena of quantum entanglement.

This theory makes sense to me as it explains how quantum computers work. They work by creating entangled states between cubits which when observed can bring solutions from every possible states because they are tapping into copies of themselves in multiple parallel universes encompassing all possible states.

I suspect another aspect of this is that time itself is not a single dimension but is multidimensional and that we experience the convergence of times dimensions in the present but times dimensions diverge away from us in the past as well as in the future. This allows for things like the Mandela effect because we all didn’t arrive at the present point via the same timeline, but even more radically and importantly it means we all may not experience the same future.

I think it is possible for our consciousness to jump timelines. I think we do this when we dream, but I think we can also do it in our waking lives. Sometimes I think we do so en masse.

If time is multi-dimensional, then it’s possible for us to follow curved timelines or timelines that are not of a straight forward trajectory with seemingly irrational results but which really are rational if we understood the nature of time.

What I really am interested in learning now is whether or not there is a way for us to objectively see and choose alternate trajectories.

More Strangeness

     Lately I’ve been sleeping longer hours than normal and having really intense and often very strange dreams.  Sometimes I feel like I need a rest from my sleep they are so intense, today was one such day.

     Today’s dream I was set in a world where all food production was indoors inside of factory farms.  These farms had no human workers, everything was done by highly advanced robotics.  Lighting was artificial.  I don’t know what we were doing for energy but it was obviously abundant.

     These factory farms were often underground and many floors allowing the surface of the planet to be close to it’s natural state.

     Crime was a big problem with very conventional guns.  Criminals often carried machine guns, I had a semi-automatic pistol.  There were people who wanted to kill me for reasons which were not apparent.  I felt I had an advantage in a one-on-one with the pistol because it was light, I could aim and fire faster than someone could aim and fire a machine gun and it was usually the first bullet that counted.

     I used to dream of more ordinary day to day things.  Not sure why my dreams have taken this turn to the bizarre recently.  Probably just a brain tumor or something similarly inconsequential.


Dreams – Another Strange Twist

     Last night my dreams took another strange twists.  Lately I’ve frequently dreamed of being other people, and I did have one of those last night as well, but the new thing is for the first time ever I’ve dreamt of being a different species or sex, I dreamt I was a female fish.

     It is odd how natural the experience felt.  Swimming around in water, oblivious that there was anything but water, but aware of the fact that some areas that used to have my species now didn’t and wanting to fix that.  My level of thought was simple but not non-existent as I would have expected for a creature with a brain the size of a pinhead.

     My being someone else dream last night involved being a student in a completely different school system.  Core skills were taught at a very young age.  By the time you got into high school you were completely free to study whatever you wanted.  It was a totally open campus, not a youth jail like today’s schools.  In the dream the degree of choices available was somewhat overwhelming, as opposed to the amount of requirements in the existing system.

     I think the educational system I experienced in the dream would actually be a good way of doing things, instead of turning out a bunch of robot clones it would turn out students with highly developed unique skills.

Dreams Reality

     Lately my dreams have been as if I’m living two lives, my waking life and my sleeping life and it is becoming such that my sleeping life is more vivid and detailed and is seeming more real than when I am awake, although I am still readily able to recognize the difference.

     I would like some guidance from God, and if not God then angles, and if not angles, then little gray men (or whatever) extraterrestrials, and if not ET, then my higher self if such exists.  I am so out of touch with it I’m not sure anymore.


Comcast  – I pay for a business package, this includes 16mbit/s Internet, 2 phone lines, and television service. Only I’ve never received television service because they say they can’t provide it to me since I run my business out of my home, but yet every month they still bill me for it and numerous calls to their customer dis-service department has not resolved this. Additionally, the internet service includes a business portal where I can do things like access voice mail, and block selected numbers so I can cut down on insurance sales calls and the like. Lastly, the Internet service is supposed to provide access to all of their wifi hotspots and this service used to work. It has not worked since they discontinued Office Email free, I never used office mail and don’t give a shit about it but did use the wifi hotspots and do care about that. Now they want me to switch packages to get that. Bullshit, I want what they agreed to provide me at the price they agreed to provide it but they are unwilling to do that. Today, I tried to login to my business portal but I can not unless I agree to a contract for cloud services which I neither use nor want, I provide my own cloud services and do NOT need theirs, mine are secure, but I can not access the services I have already paid for unless I agree to this which I will not. I have spent more than two hours unsuccessfully trying to get a hold of a customer service representative at 1-800-391-3000 unsuccessfully, probably because of all the other people they’ve fucked over. Today I filed complaints with both the FCC and the WUTC, and I would encourage others to do the same.

Space Dreams

     I had two dreams last night of being on board human built interstellar capable craft last night.

     In both dreams I was an engineer on the ship.  One, I was a crew supervisor but it was very hands on.  I worked on problems like the other crew members but also handled scheduling, discipline, etc, for my crew.

     We also had something like a Star Trek teleporter only owing to reliability problems it was generally only used for goods not people.

     In the first dream the teleporter was not working, again, and after spending several hours troubleshooting and getting nowhere, I finally took a phaser like device and turned the whole thing into slag and told the captain he would have to order a replacement.  It was an old model and the newer technology was much improved.

     In the second dream, someone who was a supervisor at a telco I worked at a couple of decades ago, Bill Cope, was also a supervisor on the ship, he was a 2nd line, I was a 1st line with the engineering crew under me.

     Bill came to me with a rather strange request, he wanted me to task my crew with writing a letter that basically lists things which might encourage seditious activity.  I told him honestly this was hard for me to fathom as I had never had a job I enjoyed more than this one.

     I also had an issue I brought up with him, two of my crew members had been quarantined with no explanation.  I wanted an explanation because certainly they’d be more tolerant of being locked up in quarters if they knew why.  I was told it was feared they may have picked up a disease from a planet we recently visited.  The disease would present itself within 15 days if they were infected.  The reason they were not informed was the disease was sexually transmitted and they did not want peoples private matters getting around the whole ship.

     I have not watched Star Trek since I last burned through all the episodes of the original, next generation, and deep space nine.  Did not care for Captain Janeway so avoided that series.