God letting me know…

     God let me know he is still present tonight.

     On Facebook someone posted a link to a youtube copy of Norman Greenbaum’s Spirit in the Sky.

     I posted a comment that, while I love the song, Norman Greenbaum did not have a good understanding of Christianity when he stated, “Never been a sinner, I’ve never sinned, I’ve got a friend in Jesus”, because we’re all sinners and that is precisely why we need Jesus.

     Then I decided to play the song, I have it in WinAmp (I have the original 45 but WinAmp is a lot more convenient) so I played it.  I had WinAmp setup to play random selections indefinitely.  The very next song it played was, “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”, and then followed that up with “Oh Holy Night”, both sung by Josh Gruben.

      Now I have about 8,000 songs loaded and of those maybe 20 are spiritual, so the odds of it picking those two were infinitesimally small.

Drones and Nightmares

     Many moons ago I had this dream that I was up on like the 47th floor of an office building and the outer walls of the building were all glass affording a great view of the city below.

     Then it turned nightmare as a drone came parallel to our floor and began firing a machine gun at us through shattering windows.

     Back when I had this dream, drones weren’t common place and GPS had an accuracy measuring in something like 9 meters.  Now GPS is much more accurate and drones are common place and this sort of thing could become a reality.

     I am a bit concerned that the distance between the rich and poor keeps increasing and the middle class continues to evaporate and it seems we are destined for a civil war because the rich aren’t willing to share.  All the new machines building things, artificial intelligence augmenting the artificial brawn of the first industrial revolution ought to mean plentifulness for all, but because the owners of these machines are greedy, the fruits of all of our labors are falling into the hands of a few elite.  I can’t see how this won’t lead to civil war.  And civil war, whether it is declared or not, would be the situation that would call for use of drones in this manner.

My Pain Scale

Bob’s Neuropathic Pain Scale


 10. I will most likely kill myself within the hour because the pain is more intense than I can bare and I have no means of dropping it to a livable level.

 9. I will go out and seek heroin and shoot it into my veins if the damned doctors won’t give me some meaningful pain relief.

 8. I won’t actually seek heroin but if someone were to offer it I would most likely accept it and use it though I’d probably snort rather than inject it.

 7. I would not go with hard street drugs but would gladly take doctor prescribed opiates.  In terms of street drugs kratom would be most likely consumed in mass quantities.

 6. I am very uncomfortable to the point of being marginally functional.  Since I am already non-functional, large quantities of marijuana seem entirely reasonable, lesser quantities of kratom.

 5. I am uncomfortable but can manage to get by with the crappy do nothing drugs that the doctors give me but may resort to street drugs anyway.  My functionality and sleep are still impinged upon by my pain.

 4. I am uncomfortable but not to the point where it seriously interferes with my sleep or functionality.

 3. I am somewhat uncomfortable though I can get buy and get my work done and don’t really think about the pain if I keep busy.

 2. I am reasonably comfortable with only minor pain and it doesn’t really bother me and largely goes unnoticed unless I think about it.

 1. I am completely comfortable, slept blissfully, and really don’t notice any significant pain.