His Righteous Right Hand

Isaiah 41:10

New King James Version (NKJV)

10 Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

     While imprisoned at Airway Heights, I had an experience that I would like to relate.  After my experience with Shelton, I wanted to know God, and when I first arrived at Airway Heights, a couple of inmates introduced themselves and invited me to Church, which I accepted.  The pastor there was a wonderful man, he taught by example and always consulted God, and it seemed God almost always answered his prayers, except one, and that was for another child, because his wife miscarried, but even that he handled in a way that we all should handle our misfortunes.

     But not me… I first was celled with a tall black man named David, who was a preacher, and he’d give a sermon at the church, it was moving, he had a mighty voice.

     When I’d try to sleep it was my snore that was moving and he would get very angry when it woke him up and he’d use that mighty voice to wake my ass up so he could sleep.

     Then I got celled with another inmate, this one in addition to being troubled by my snoring was also bipolar, and on his high swings was fairly pleasant, composed music, played guitar, but on his low swings was a complete grump.

     The cell on the ground floor was very cold, and we were only allowed two cotton blankets, which were a very loose weave and didn’t hold much heat in at all.  I shivered through the nights and sleeping was difficult.

     The two that had invited me to church and a few others formed a group and we’d do a Bible study once a week.

     One weekend, while taking a shower, we had a fire drill.  I was unfamiliar with what the fire alarm sounded like and they had previously been drilling holes to install something called “J-Pay”, a console that you could get music from or in theory video visits with family remotely although they never got that part working while I was there.  So when the fire alarm went off I didn’t get out of the shower because it sounded just like the drilling.

     At first I was just verbally chewed out for it, which in prison you can’t hardly breath without the guards chewing you out for something so not a big deal.  I was worried about getting infracted, particularly since it could mean loss of “good time”, time off for good behavior and I really desired that my stay be as brief as possible.

      So I am at a table with some of my friends and we’re studying the Bible and had just read Isaiah 14:10, and a goon squad, about five officers, one carrying handcuffs, came to the table and ordered me to stand up.  We had just finished reading that verse, and I was angry at God, because I was being punished for something that wasn’t my fault, I didn’t know the fire alarm had gone off.  So I shouted as they took me away, “My righteous right hand, My ass!”

     Well, I spent about nine days in the hole, and when I returned my old cell had been assigned to someone else.  I was given a cell up on the 2nd floor in a part of the building that was warm, I got a cellie who wasn’t bothered by my snoring and was also a Christian.  And as it turned out that was the only infraction I got and I didn’t loose any good time over it.

     So it turned out, God, whom I was angry at, actually used that to get me in a better situation, to answer my prayers.


I’ve read and heard that you can’t ride a Zebra…

Tell someone it’s not possible, someone figures out how to do it. Such is the case for riding Zebras.

There is a caveat, Zebras lack withers so fitting a saddle is more of a challenge.

A Warning From The Interstellar Safety Council

Mingle and BuddyPress

I took Mingle and BuddyPress down because they were being used exclusively by spammers.

End of the Year – Things from the Past…

At the end of the year I often find myself thinking of things gone by and tonight I was thinking about Peanuts, a cartoon I grew up with and always looked forward to the television animated specials.  In particular, I enjoyed the music which was performed by the Vince Guaraldi Trio.  Here are three of my favorites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. I am saddened by the fact that Paul Schultz is no longer with us and there will be no new Peanuts.



Across The Universe

I was introduced to this film by Steve Meeks, an instructor I had in a Humans Relation class that was part of an Interactive Multimedia course I took while in Prison.


Winter Solstice Passed

We’re a day past winter solstice here and thank God for that!  Today will be 3 seconds longer than yesterday!

I do suffer from seasonal depression to some degree, not crippling but I do have my moments, and the last few weeks getting out of bed in the morning has been a real challenge and then to actually DO something…

The sun will continue to come up later until New Years Day, where for the next three days it will not come up until almost 8AM, (7:58).

I’m really looking forward to more light, longer days, and fewer thoughts about death and loss and pain that come with this season for me.

Comcast Phone Service

When the contract with Comcast expires, I’m going to look for something else.  I’ve had Comcast telephone service for almost a year now and have had regular problems with it.  Every time I call, I have to go through multiple levels of phone tree and other automated crap before I can talk to a human being, and then I’ve got about a 50-50% chance of getting a hold of someone who can comprehend the nature of the problem I’m having.

Tonight, I tried to call a local Pizza place to order a pizza.  When they answered, I could hear them fine but, when I spoke, my own voice came back to me delayed by about five seconds making it pretty much impossible to have a conversation.

When I called other numbers, the call was okay, and when other people called the Pizza place, they were okay as well, so clearly something in the network, something probably in inter-office trunking.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with telephone terminology, the circuit that connects your phone to the local telephone switch is called the “loop”, and the circuit that connects switches to each other is called a “trunk”.

If it has been a loop problem, on either end, that end would have gotten the echo all the time, but that wasn’t the case, only when I called from here to a number served out of the Emerson central office.

But the person I got at Comcast kept insisting on dispatching someone to my home, and if they didn’t find a problem (which they wouldn’t because it isn’t a loop problem), they would bill me for the dispatch (not to mention NOT fixing the problem).

And this is consistent with the type of service I’ve been getting from Comcast which is why I’ll be looking for another telephone provider when my contract with them expires.

Now, the poor service isn’t the only thing that bothered me about this.  Another issue is the long delay of the echo, almost five seconds.  I can’t think of any legitimate reason they would need to buffer five seconds worth of audio, and that leads me to wonder if this isn’t some NSA tap gone bad, or some amateurish tap gone bad.

Cut-n-Paste from Word

I’m amazed at how well cut-n-paste from Word to WordPress worked, tables and all.  Tables are misaligned but otherwise…  Anyway, I’m looking for work, at least part time.  Eskimo isn’t generating enough income for me to service all my personal debts and I want to get out of debt and not lose my home so I’m looking for some additional income.

Aside from a “job”, I can create and/or edit websites, clean, update, and optimize computers, configure just about anything in Linux, if there is anything I can do for you please don’t hesitate to ask.

Looking for Work – Resume

Robert Dinse P.O. Box 55816

Shoreline, WA  98155

Tel:  +1 206 812-0051

Fax: +1 206 812-0054

Email: nanook@eskimo.com




To fill a position where I can use my skills and experience to contribute to the growth and success of the company.  
Qualifications: • 28 Years of Unix/Linux System Admin, TCP/IP Network Admin

• 17 Years Telco Switching, Trunking, Translations, Surveillance, and Repair

• Web Development HTML, CSS, CGI, JavaScript, Flash/ActionScript, PHP, MySQL

• Experience Building and Repairing Computers and Consumer Electronics.

• Familiar with Adobe, Libre Office, and some Microsoft Office Applications

• Radio Engineering, Programming, and Audio/Video Production.

Experience: Presidentresponsible for:

• Vision, Product Development, Financial Operations, Sales, Customer Support

• TCP/IP Networking, Security, Unix/Linux System Admin, Assemble/Repair Servers

• Xen/KVM Virtualization, NIS, NFS, Radius, Pop3/Imap, SMTP, HTTP, FTP, MySQL

1985-2009, 2012-Current

Eskimo North, Inc

Shoreline, WA

  LAN and Unix System Adminresponsible for:

• TCP/IP LAN 300 Nodes (PC Workstations / Unix Worstations / X-Terminals)

• Sun Servers, Dec Minicomputers, 3270 Emulation


US West / Qwest

Seattle, WA

  Central Office Technicianresponsible for:

• 1, 1A, 2B, and 5 ESS Switch, Maintenance, Growth, Complex Translations

• Interoffice Trunk Provisioning, Testing, and Repair


PNB / US West

Seattle, WA

  Chief Engineer and Program Directorresponsible for:

• FCC Logs, Maintenance of Studio, Transmitter, and Audio Chain

• Program Format, Promotions



Mountlake Terrace, WA

  Announcer (volunteer) – responsible for:

• Announcements and Board Operation



Bellevue, WA

  Announcer (volunteer) – responsible for:

• Announcements and Board Operation



Seattle, WA

  Bench Technicianresponsible for:

• Consumer Electronics Repair (Tape Decks, Amps, Tuners)



Seattle, WA

  Assistant Engineerresponsible for:

• Studio Equipment Maintenance

• Special Projects (Standby Transmitter Modification)



Tacoma, WA

  Assistant Engineer (student volunteer) – responsible for:

• Maintenance and Repair of Studio Equipment

• FCC Logs



Seattle, WA

  Sales Person responsible for:

• Consumer Electronics Sales, Stocking, Inventory, Deposits


Radio Shack

Seattle, WA

  Warehouse Laborerresponsible for:

• Pulling and Shipping Orders


Washington School Supply

Seattle, WA

Education: Interactive MultimediaStudied:

• Digital Graphics Creation and Manipulation, Audio and Video Production

• Website Design using HTML, CSS, Flash/Actionscript, JavaScript, and PHP


Edmonds Community College

Monroe, WA

  Mandarin ChineseStudied:

• Chinese for Beginners, Chinese 101/102


Cascadia Community College

Bothell, WA

  Mandarin ChineseStudied:

• Chinese for Travelers


North Seattle Comm. College

Seattle, WA

  Unix Operating System: System AdministrationStudied:

• SunOS and Solaris System Administration


US West Learning Systems

Seattle, WA

  High School (Graduated) – Studied:

• Radio & Electronics – FCC 1st Class Radio Telephone Operators License

• Required Curriculum (Math, Science, History, etc)


Nathan Hale

Seattle, WA

References: Available Upon Request