Eastern Shore of Lake Union

     Eastern Shore of Lake Union with the old Seattle City Light oil burning power plant in view except now it is no longer a generator station but rather a facility owned by Zymo Genetics.  They left the old stacks up for historical reasons and also so they can release genetically modified microbes that will eat our brains into the atmosphere.  Be afraid!  Be very afraid!  The zombies are coming.



     I could be wrong, God knows it wouldn’t be the first time, but I believe this is a NOA vessel being worked on docked near the Western side of Lake Union. This was taken from Gasworks Park, the big hill at the North end, looking West.

Gas Works

     This is part of the old Seattle coal gasification plant originally owned by the Seattle Gas Lighting Company operated from 1906 to 1956. It widely polluted the surrounding area now covered by a couple of feet of added top soil. My understanding is this is the only remaining remains of a coal gasification plant in the United States.


4th Highest Taxes

     Out of 50 states, Washington has the forth highest tax rate.  Why?  Why is it that Wisconsin, with a tax rate of only about 2/3rds ours, can adequately fund education but Washington can’t?

     We don’t need new toll roads or other bullshit taxes, we need a responsible government that invests our tax dollars wisely.

Toll Bullshit

     Is it just me or is anybody else pissed off about this new I-405 toll and the general trend of our state to rape the taxpayers at every opportunity?  First they jack the gas tax up, now this?  And not only are they not adding any capacity for non-payers, but they’re taking away a lane.  What a bunch of bullshit.  Where the hell is Tim Eyman when you need him?

     And when several times the people have voted to require a 2/3rd majority vote for tax increases, making it clear to legislators what they want, the legislators have chosen to challenge it in court and get the laws thrown out.

     Well in my view it’s time to toss some of them out on their economically fat asses!  Where can I find out who voted for this crap?