Floating Communities

Once born from logging, fishing lore, Now havens on a liquid floor. From industry to tranquil bliss, A lifestyle change, none would miss.

The Salish Sea, their backyard view, Where old and new blend into blue. A testament to human will, These homes that ride the water, still.

From work to play, they’ve found their way, These floating isles where children play. A world apart, yet close to shore, Where land and sea forever more,

Ten Greatest Recreational Boating Destinations in the World

From Alaska’s Inside Passage, where history meets the sea,
To the Galapagos Islands, where wildlife roams free. In the Maldives, coral reefs shimmer bright, And in the Caribbean, islands dance through the night. Halong Bay’s limestone karsts rise from the sea, And in the Sea of Cortez, marine life thrives with glee. The Norwegian Fjords, a haven for sailors and sightseers, And the Kenai Fjords, where glaciers meet the tides. Resurrection Bay, where whales and sea lions play,
And the Kenai Peninsula, where mountains meet the bay.Each destination unique, yet connected by the sea, A journey through the world, don’t forget Fiji.

Washington State Ferry System

The Washington State Ferries (WSF) system began operations on June 1, 1951. Before the state’s involvement, ferry services in the region were primarily managed by private companies, notably the Puget Sound Navigation Company (PSNC), also known as the Black Ball Line, led by Captain Alexander Peabody. The state took over the ferry operations due to…

Seattle World Flight Day

The 1924 World Flight, also known as the First Aerial Circumnavigation of the Globe, was a pioneering aviation endeavor undertaken by the United States Army Air Service. The flight began and ended in Seattle, Washington, with four Douglas World Cruiser biplanes sponsored by different American cities. Here are the details for each plane and its…

Summer Solstice at Center of the Universe

Why is Fremont Considered the Center of the Universe? The designation of Fremont as the “Center of the Universe” is a playful and symbolic title that reflects the neighborhood’s unique character and vibrant community. Here are some key points that explain this designation: Importance of the Fremont Bridge The Fremont Bridge is a significant landmark…


The sinking of the Titanic continues to captivate people more than 100 years after the tragedy due to several factors. The ship’s discovery in 1985, the release of James Cameron’s blockbuster film in 1997, and the 100th anniversary of the sinking in 2012 have all contributed to a resurgence of interest in the Titanic. The…

Washington State, Best Economy in the USA

Washington State is considered the best state economy in the USA for several reasons, as highlighted by a WalletHub report. The state excels in various economic indicators, including GDP change, exports per capita, and the share of jobs in high-tech industries and STEM fields. Washington ranks first overall in economic performance, second in economic activity…