Seattle SeaFair

Seattle’s Seafair is a summer-long festival event that has been celebrated since 195014. Here are some noteworthy aspects of Seafair:

  • Start Date: Seafair typically takes place during the summer months, with events spanning several weeks. The exact start date may vary from year to year, but it has been held in July or August in the past35.
  • Pirates: The first event of Seafair involves pirates. The festival kicks off with the Seafair Pirates Landing at Alki Beach in Seattle, where the Seafair Pirates make their grand entrance1.
  • Parades: Seafair features various parades, including the Torchlight Parade, which takes place on the streets of downtown Seattle. The parade showcases local organizations and the “Miss Seafair” or “Seafair Queen”4.
  • Seafair Event at Green Lake: Seafair events are held at various locations throughout Seattle, including Green Lake. The Seafair Milk Carton Derby is a popular event that takes place at Green Lake, where participants build boats from milk cartons and race them on the water3.
  • History of Hydroplane Racing: Hydroplane racing has been a significant part of Seafair since its inception. The Seafair Cup hydroplane races are a highlight of the festival, attracting both local and national attention14.
  • Seattle Yacht Club: the Seattle Yacht Club hydroplane is displayed at the Museum of History and Industry (MOHI)
  • Fleet Week: Fleet Week is part of Seafair and celebrates the sea services. It includes events such as the Parade of Ships, ship tours, and community outreach6.
  • Foot Race: There is a foot race prior to the Seafair Torchlight Parade

Overall, Seafair is a beloved summer festival in Seattle that offers a wide range of events and activities, including parades, hydroplane races, air shows, and other festivities that celebrate the spirit and culture of the city246.

The Seafair Pirates are a group of individuals who participate in the Seafair festival as goodwill ambassadors for the city of Seattle1. They are led by Captain Kidd and Davy Jones, and they participate in approximately 40 local festivals as well as several hundred private appearances throughout the summer1.

The Seafair festival starts with the Seafair Pirates Landing at Alki Beach in Seattle, usually during the first Saturday of July12. However, in 2022, the Seafair Pirate landing at Alki Beach was canceled due to the pandemic3.

The Pirates are known for their colorful costumes and their playful, swashbuckling demeanor2.They have traveled across the United States and Canada, as well as to Grand Cayman, Mazatlán, Kobe, and Taiwan1.

To become a Seafair pirate, one can contact the Seafair organization and express interest in joining the group1. Overall, the Seafair Pirates are an integral part of the Seafair festival and add to the festive atmosphere of the event12.

To become a Seafair Pirate, there are several requirements that must be met, according to the Seafair Pirates website14:

  • The applicant must be at least 21 years old.
  • The applicant must not have any felony convictions or outstanding warrants.
  • The applicant must not be an alcoholic or excessive drinker.

Becoming a Seafair Pirate is a lengthy process that requires a prospective member to obtain a sponsor who is a current pirate, as mentioned in a Seattle Times article3. The applicant must then serve at least one full calendar year as a Candidate, essentially an apprentice pirate, according to the Seafair Pirates website1.

The Seafair Pirates are a volunteer crew of buccaneers, and they participate in approximately 40 local festivals as well as several hundred private appearances throughout the summer2. However, it is worth noting that the Seafair Pirate landing at Alki Beach was canceled in 2022 due to the pandemic6.

Women are allowed to become Seafair Pirates. There are no gender restrictions for joining the Seafair Pirates, and women have been members of the group for many years1. However, the Seafair Pirates have faced criticism in the past for problematic behavior, including targeting women and showing disrespect towards them5.

The role of women in Seattle Seafair is diverse and multifaceted. Women have played prominent roles in the Seafair festival, including serving as “Miss Seafair” or “Seafair Queen,” a tradition that dates back to the 1950s2. Women have also participated in various events and activities associated with Seafair, such as the Milk Carton Derby and the Torchlight Parade2. Overall, women have been an integral part of the Seafair festival and have contributed to its success and vibrancy over the years2.

Is fleet week part of Seafair? What is the Torchlight parade?

Yes, Fleet Week is part of Seafair.

Fleet Week is a celebration of the sea services where active-duty ships and personnel from the US Navy, US Coast Guard, and Canadian Navy visit Seattle for a week of community outreach and public events6. The Fleet Week celebration typically includes the Parade of Ships, where the ships arrive in Seattle and pass through Elliott Bay4.

The Torchlight Parade is a popular event during Seafair that takes place on the streets of downtown Seattle135. The parade features marching bands, floats, and the legendary Seafair Pirates3. The Torchlight Parade is a celebration of the cultural diversity and traditions of the Pacific Northwest, with over 100 entries showcasing diverse cultures throughout the region5. The parade typically kicks off in the evening and is followed by a fireworks show1.Overall, Seafair is a summer festival that offers a wide range of events and activities, including Fleet Week, the Torchlight Parade, hydroplane races, and air shows26.

What events are part of Fleet Week at Seafair

Fleet Week is a part of Seafair that celebrates the sea services and includes a variety of events and activities13456. Here are some of the events that are part of Fleet Week:

Here milk jugs make a platform for a milk carton derby vessel.
  • Parade of Ships: The Parade of Ships is a highlight of Fleet Week, where active-duty ships from the US Navy, US Coast Guard, and Canadian Navy arrive in Seattle and pass through Elliott Bay23.
  • Ship Tours: The public can tour impressive military ships during Fleet Week, including tours at Piers 46, 66, and 6915.
  • Meet and Greet: Fleet Week includes public meet and greets with sailors from the visiting ships3.
  • Community Outreach: Fleet Week includes community outreach events where sailors from the visiting ships participate in volunteer activities and engage with the local community1.

Overall, Fleet Week is a celebration of the sea services that offers the public an opportunity to engage with the military and learn more about their work and service to the country13456.

This is a multihull boat built of milk cartons. She raced using paddles.

What is the history of hydroplane racing in Seattle and how did it become part of Seafair

Hydroplane racing has been a significant part of Seafair since its inception125. Here is a brief history of hydroplane racing in Seattle and how it became part of Seafair:

  • In 1950, the hydroplane racing boat called Slo Mo Shun IV won the Gold Cup race in Detroit, and the race was added to the Seafair festival in Seattle12.
  • The first hydroplane race in Seattle was held in 1951, and it was won by Lou Fageol driving Stan Sayres’ Slo-mo-shun V2.
  • The Seafair Cup is an H1 Unlimited hydroplane boat race held annually in late July and early August on Lake Washington in Seattle2.
  • Seattle’s history of unlimited hydroplane racing dates back to July 1950, when it was announced that the APBA Gold Cup was leaving Detroit in favor of Seattle2.
  • The Emerald City has hosted the Unlimiteds every year from 1951 to 20192.
  • Hydroplane racing has become one of the signature events of Seafair, attracting both local and national attention14.
  • In addition to hydroplane racing, Seafair features a variety of other events and activities, including parades, air shows, and community festivals345.

Overall, hydroplane racing has a long and storied history in Seattle, and it has become an integral part of the Seafair festival125.

Back to the future with this milk carton De Lorean boat named OUTATIME.

What is the Gold Cup in Hydroplane racing? When has Seattle hosted the Gold Cup? How did it get the Gold Cup for 2023?

The Gold Cup is a prestigious hydroplane boat race that is part of the H1 Unlimited Racing Series. It is considered the oldest trophy in American motorsports2. The Gold Cup race was originally held in Detroit, but in 1951, it was announced that the race would be held in Seattle as part of the Seafair festival1. The Gold Cup became a significant event in Seattle’s hydroplane racing history.

Seattle has hosted the Gold Cup multiple times throughout the years. The city hosted the Gold Cup races in 1951 to 1955, 1957 to 1959, 1962, 1965, 1967, 1974, 1981, and 19851. However, the Gold Cup races were not held in Seattle every year, and the event has been canceled in some years, including 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic1.

In 2023, Seattle will once again host the prestigious APBA Gold Cup after nearly four decades. The H1 Unlimited Racing Series finale will take place in Seattle, and the winner will be presented with the APBA Gold Cup2. This event is part of the Seafair Weekend Festival, which includes other attractions such as the Blue Angels air show and vintage hydroplane displays3.

The winner of the Gold Cup in hydroplane racing is determined by the fastest time in the final heat of the race13. Here are some additional details about the Gold Cup in hydroplane racing:

  • The Gold Cup is the premier annual motorboat-racing prize in the United States, and it was instituted by the American Power Boat Association in 19041.
  • The first race for the cup was held on the Hudson River and was won by C.C. Riotte’s Standard with the fastest heat of 23.6 miles (38 km) per hour1.
  • The winning boats since 1911 have been hydroplanes, usually of unlimited engine displacement1.
  • The Gold Cup is one of a series of unlimited hydroplane races sponsored annually by the American Power Boat Association and culminating with the award of a national championship1.
  • The driver with the most Gold Cup victories is Chip Hanauer, with 11 victories3.
  • Dave Villwock is second, with 10, and Bill Muncey is third, with eight3.

The Gold Cup race is a thrilling and highly anticipated event that showcases high-speed hydroplane racing on the water4. The winner in 2023 be presented with the American Hydroplane Boat Race (APBA) Gold Cup, the oldest trophy in American motorsports4

Hydroplane racing has become an integral part of Seafair and adds to the excitement and tradition of the festival13.

Taco Time milk carton derby entry for its 50th Anniversary.

What are the rules involving The Seafair Milk Carton Derby? Can Duck tape be used? Are there design categories for judging? Do the craft built race in the water? Do many sink?

Many paddlers on some milk carton derby veasels.

The Seafair Milk Carton Derby is a quirky and creative boat-building event that has been a part of Seafair since 197245. Here are the rules and guidelines for the Milk Carton Derby based on the search results:

This is a fast craft on the water. Kayak paddles are used.
  • Boat Construction: Boats must be of homemade construction and primarily rely on milk cartons for flotation16. The primary flotation must be dependent upon milk cartons, and the use of other materials such as plastic, packing tape, lamination, or metal to cover the hulls is not allowed6. Chicken wire or plastic mesh can be used6. A minimum of 50 one-half gallon milk cartons is required for each boat1245.
  • Carton Filling: Cartons may not be filled with anything6.
  • Design Categories: The Derby is divided into several vessel categories and age categories2. The specific design categories for judging are not mentioned in the search results.
  • Race in the Water: The crafts built for the Milk Carton Derby are raced on the water14. Participants compete in divisions ranging from youth to adult to military4.
  • Sinkage: While the search results do not mention the sinking of boats, it is possible that some boats may sink during the races due to design or construction issues.
Elaborate model of steam ship made of milk cartons.

The Seafair Milk Carton Derby is a fun and unique event that showcases creativity and boatmanship. Participants construct boats using milk cartons and compete in various categories, racing their creations on the water45.

What is Ballard Seafood Fest? Is it part of Seafair?

Ballard Seafood Fest is a three-day seafood festival that takes place in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle234.Here are some key details about the festival:

  • Date: The festival typically takes place in mid-July156.
  • Activities: The festival features a diverse range of seafood dishes from local restaurants and vendors, as well as live music performances, art exhibits, craft vendors, and family-friendly activities34.
  • Attendance: The festival draws over 75,000 people each year2.
  • Relation to Seafair: Ballard Seafood Fest is not officially part of Seafair, but it is listed on the Seafair website as a community event1. Both events take place during the summer months and offer a variety of activities and attractions for attendees5.

Overall, Ballard Seafood Fest is a popular summer festival in Seattle that celebrates the city’s love of seafood and offers a range of entertainment and activities for visitors of all ages234.

Besides the Ballard Seafood Fest, there are several other community events. These events are not directly funded by Seafair, but they are recognized and promoted as community events on the Seafair website. Here are some examples of community events listed on the Seafair website:

  1. Ballard Seafood Fest: A three-day seafood festival in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle that features live music, local restaurants, vendors, and family fun146.
  2. West Seattle Summer Fest: A summer festival in West Seattle that offers live music, food vendors, arts and crafts, and family-friendly activities5.
  3. Seafair Indian Days Powwow: A cultural celebration that showcases Native American traditions, including traditional dancing, drumming, arts, crafts, and food5.
  4. Magnolia Summerfest: A community festival in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle that includes a parade, live music, food vendors, and a variety of activities for all ages5.

These community events are funded through various means, including sponsorships, vendor fees, ticket sales, and community support3. While Seafair does not directly fund these events, they are recognized and promoted as part of the larger Seafair festival, which entertains millions of people each summer3.

How long has the Seafair Indian Days Powwow been held? Where does it take place? Do native artists sell works at Seafair Indian Days Powwow? How important is Indian culture to the city of Seattle? Why was the city named Seattle?

The Seafair Indian Days Powwow has been held for several years and is an important event that showcases Native American culture in Seattle. Here is the information based on the search results:

  • Duration: The Seafair Indian Days Powwow is typically a three-day event235.
  • Location: The powwow takes place at the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center grounds in Seattle’s Discovery Park35.
  • Activities: The powwow showcases various aspects of Native American culture, including traditional Indian cooking, jewelry-making, music, and especially dancing14. Native artists may also sell their works at the powwow1.
  • Importance of Indian Culture: Indian culture holds significant importance in the city of Seattle. The Seafair Indian Days Powwow provides an opportunity for people to engage with and appreciate Native and Indigenous culture3. It is a celebration of traditions, art, music, and dance that contribute to the cultural fabric of the city.
  • Origin of the Name “Seattle”: The city of Seattle was named after Chief Seattle (also known as Chief Sealth), a prominent leader of the Duwamish and Suquamish tribes who inhabited the area6. The name was chosen to honor and recognize the indigenous heritage of the region.
Chief Seattle

The Seafair Indian Days Powwow is a cherished event that allows the community to come together and celebrate Native American culture, fostering understanding and appreciation for the rich traditions of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest135.

The schedule for Seafair events throughout the summer can vary, but here is a general overview based on 2023:

  • Every day, through August 6: Elliott Bay events in Seattle1.
  • Every day, from August 4-6: Magnolia Summerfest in Southeast Magnolia1.
  • Every day, from August 4-6: Genesee Park events1.
  • Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: Various events listed on the Seafair Parade Marshals website2.
  • Fri, August 4, 2023 – Sun, August 6, 2023: Seafair Weekend Festival, which is the culmination of the summer-long Seafair3.
  • The Torchlight Parade scheduled for July 285.
View from our slip for S/V Murrelet in Portage Bay 2023
Fast on Air and Sea

Please note that the specific events and dates may vary from year to year, so it is recommended to refer to the official Seafair website or other reliable sources for the most up-to-date information on the schedule of Seafair events throughout the summer4.

Seattle Seafair, a festival of fun,
With hydroplane races and boats in the sun,
The Parade of Ships arrives in style,
Fleet Week brings military ships for a while.

Slo Mo Shun IV, the boat that invented summer,
Started the tradition that’s still a hummer,
Royalty reigns with Miss Seafair,
And the Blue Angels fly through the air.

Murrelet, a Macgregor 26X sailboat moored nearby,
Watches the festivities with a watchful eye,
The Seafair Indian Days Powwow celebrates culture,
And Ballard Seafood Fest offers seafood galore.

For 70 years, Seafair has been a delight,
With parades, community events, and boats in sight,
Seattle’s summer festival, a tradition so dear,
Brings joy to all, year after year.

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