Cod’s Head & Mackerel Tail

Ted Brewer, a designer who did much of his work in my own state of Washington, recently retired and moved back to British Columbia. His training material for amateur builders and beginning yacht designers, now in its 4th edition, portrays the typical hull form used on sailing craft from the 1800s known as the Cod’s Head & Mackerel Tail, as inappropriate for contemporary designs.

Ocean Cruising Comfort

I’m occasionally asked if I miss the larger, deep draft sailboat. The answer is always no. That type of craft now seems to me like a helpless one-legged seabird soaring above the surface of the sea, never able to safely land or seek shelter.

America's Cup Section.

Tall masts were desirable

Lady Washington

On the east coast of the United States the warming and cooling land mass does not create winds that fully overcome the ocean weather or trade winds that a very tall mast can capture. Hence, for some commercial sailing vessels following the same courses trip after trip, the taller masts were desirable even though the larger sails required additional crew to handle them.