Costa Mesa Boats

Almost All is Lost

In 1973 there were 46 boat builders in Costa Mesa California and 24,000 boats were produced. A year later that number shrank to 22. Today there are less than a handful. Nonetheless Costa Mesa California remains a Mecca for boat owners, a sacred historical place to any who ever owned or dreamed of owning an ocean going sailboat.

America's Cup Section.

Tall masts were desirable

Lady Washington

On the east coast of the United States the warming and cooling land mass does not create winds that fully overcome the ocean weather or trade winds that a very tall mast can capture. Hence, for some commercial sailing vessels following the same courses trip after trip, the taller masts were desirable even though the larger sails required additional crew to handle them.

The Story of Onkabye and Gimcrack.

The following information is conveyed from the History of American Sailing Ships, a book published in 1935.

This is a rather common book on the west coast of the US, in spite of its age, for folks who are studying sailboat design.