Comcast – It just gets better and better

     Today I’m working with their 2nd tier support group.  I have these traceroutes that show exactly where it fails, but they have no e-mail I can send to, no ticket system I can post the information to, no way of getting it to them.

     They are showing my modem lost sync five times yesterday.  It’s only the seventh modem I’ve had.  But even it’s losing sync doesn’t explain how I can get one hop out and not further.

     I suspect they’re going to have someone come out and replace the modem AGAIN and still not fix the problem.

Comcast Traceroutes

Not Working:

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 0.242 ms 0.411 ms 0.409 ms
2 9.863 ms 9.861 ms 9.853 ms
3 * * *
4 * * *
5 * * *
6 * * *
7 * * *


traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 0.448 ms 0.416 ms 0.410 ms
2 8.569 ms 8.570 ms 8.562 ms96.120.101.113
3 12.775 ms 12.777 ms 14.743 ms
4 14.976 ms 15.232 ms 15.212 ms
5 17.429 ms 17.427 ms 17.418 ms
6 15.164 ms 14.785 ms 14.694 ms
7 57.666 ms 49.656 ms 52.087 ms
8 10.598 ms 6.422 ms 9.619 ms
9 7.943 ms 7.697 ms 10.235 ms
10 10.153 ms 10.136 ms 10.122 ms

Anyone with half a brain could see there is a problem between the router at and the one at but Comcast can’t.


     My Comcrap Internet service has gone down twice tonight so far.  Both times I could traceroute to the next hop past my gateway modem but not beyond that.

     Gotta love their script readers.  I explain this to their “Account Executive”, and the first thing he does is check out my modem, says there is an issue with DHCP. Well, yes, I have static IPs so DHCP is not used.

     I tell him it’s an issue with routing in their network because I can get to their first router outside of my network and he thinks I’m talking about my router.  Argh!

     Why do they have people who have absolutely no clue or knowledge of how TCP/IP and routing work troubleshooting Internet problems?

Not Clear Today

      Can’t seem to achieve any semblance of clarity today.

     Ugly game if you’re a Seahawks fan.  Was hoping Marshawn Lynch would be playing today, didn’t happen.  They definitely needed some beast mode against the Rams defense.

No Snow

     Didn’t sleep at all well last night.

     My son informed me that snow was about a half hour away according to radar.

     I made the mistake of relating this to my wife, Tina.  She in turn took her bicycle to work instead of the car because she is afraid of driving in the snow, but somehow bicycling is okay.

     Me, I want three tons of metal around me if I’m going to go out on the roads and do battle with idiots who don’t know how to drive in it.

     So worrying about her made sleep damn near impossible.

     She did come home in one piece.

Wet not White

Was hoping for a white Christmas but only got a Wet Christmas.  And the later half was even dry.  We took Mei down to the Lake Forest dog park.  There was only one other person there with a huskie-sheppard mix.

That is my son Carl, with Mei, in the first photo who kept Eskimo going during my incarceration.


Heir of God through Christ

     Today, I have chosen to share only one sentence because it seemed particularly poingant.  What does it mean to be an heir of God?  There is so much in that one sentence.

Galatians 4:7  King James Version (KJV)

Wherefore thou art no more a servant, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.

Slept Like a Baby

     Slept like a baby last night with the anti-biotic induced intestinal pain gone and after a pleasant day with that portion of my family that I haven’t alienated.

     I am still hopeful that God will someday heal this hurt.   Not just for me but for those I have wronged.