Saturday the 23rd at Lake Union’s GasWorks Park

     This is a photo of people on the hill at night at GasWorks Park.  It’s a bit grainy because it was so dark I could barely see them with dark adapted eyes so to get this photo I had to take a 30 second exposure at 1600 ASA and then electronically push that.

     This was just before I left, almost 11PM and the crowd was somewhat dwindling.  What was most amazing was that it was an entirely peaceful scene.  No obnoxious drunk people yelling or otherwise being belligerent, just a great overall vibe.  A couple of people were playing guitar off and on.


Coal Gasification Plant (in service 1908-1958)

     This is the old coal gasification plant at GasWorks Park in Seattle. It was in operation from 1908-1958, owned by the Seattle Gas Lighting Company. Amazing to think gas lighting was still in use up to 1958.

     The image is a little bit noisy because I used a 30 second exposure at 1600 ASA to get this image at night.  I have nice crisp clear day images of this plant but I liked the dark ominous tone the night image provides.