The British…

     Pretty much everything the British say is offensive.  What this person is really blathering about pertains more specifically to Islam.  And this seems to be a European wide phenomena.  Where native populations have not grown in most of Europe they’ve imported more Muslims, and social integration is not happening, rather culture clashes are.

British People Now Face Jail If They Post ‘Offensive’ Content Online

My Political Views

     My political views may seem somewhat random, I’m against war, against racism, I must be leftest, I’m against abortion, I believe in God, I am not in favor of gun control, I might be right wing. Actually I don’t fit comfortably into any party. My thoughts are more along the lines, if we didn’t spend 99% of the pie on trying to snatch a slightly larger piece for ourselves as individuals or for our nation, and instead put that into making the pie bigger, then by now we’d be enormously advanced relative to our actual state. If the pie is large enough, then how we divide it is not so important as there would be enough to go around for everyone, then the socialist verses capitalist argument becomes not so important. The problem of human population would be lessened if everyone knew they would be taken care of in their old age regardless of whether they had 14 children or none. There are environmentally sound ways of providing the things we need, but corporations always do what is most profitable not what is best for the planet and the rest of us, but a bigger pie removes many of those negative incentives.


     I think an area where Darwinism is relevant is the whole concept of individualism.

     Early life on Earth consisted of cyanobacteria.  Relatively primitive bacteria that could derive energy from sunlight through photosynthesis.

     Bacteria existed as just single celled organisms for almost three billion years, then something happened that caused many of them to take up symbiotic relationships with other cells to for example become the mitochondria in the cells of all mammals, or to differentiate and take up specific roles within a colony.

     Man lived pretty much independently or in very small groups until the invention of agriculture.

     At that point we had more time to do things other than collect food.  So we started developing technologies and making all sorts of goods.  It became in our interest to aggregate together to exchange these things and villages were born.

     Just as cells in your body differentiate to provide different functions in different organs to sustain the survival of our bodies, so today we as individuals differentiate into different functional units to help sustain civilization, a kind of super-body of which we are all cells.  And just as our bodies cells usually don’t have any choice in what they become, it is usually a function of location and various chemical gradients, so also do we often have not much choice.

     If the cells in our body behaved the way many of us do, did not function for the sake of the whole organism, the whole of our society, the whole of humanity, then we are to the body that is civilization, a diseased cell, and if we’re bent upon amassing resources and reproducing, cancer.

     I’ve been a diseased cell of society, maybe even a cancer.  I know what drove my desire to reproduce was the knowledge of my own mortality.  What allowed me to get past that was the discovery that there is more than this physical plain and that on some level we will live on indefinitely.  I think that many animals, cats and dogs, and others, know this either intuitively or perhaps they don’t forget their past at the end of a life or prior to the beginning of a new life, and that is what draws me to them. Also they have somehow learned to live their nature and yet not be at odds with each other. Now I desire that society become as functional as possible so that we might collectively realize that which was intended for us.

      It’s hard to do though if we’re all fighting.  At one time I thought we were fighting for resources, but these days it seems more ideological. Someone wronged someone three hundred years ago and descendants that had nothing to do with whatever the original assault was still seek revenge.  Perhaps the societal equivalent of an auto-immune disease.

     I don’t know how we get past that, Jesus tried to get us past that 2000+ years ago but we’re still at it.

Social Darwinism

     This article is worth some consideration I think.

     There is one big fallacy in social Darwinism not pointed out though and it is simply this, NONE of us live forever.  Dick Cheney might be on his eighth heart but sooner or later one will fail or he’ll die of a stroke or cancer or some other disease.

     The Golden rule, the people with the gold make the rules, well that’s true here on Earth but our stay here is exceedingly temporary.

     And so much is done in the name of safety as if safety could allow us to live forever or even significantly extend our lives.  Yet, all of these things prevent us from really living what short lives we have.

     There is a reason I have come to think more highly of animals that are not people, than animals that are people.  The former are honest, most of the latter are liars.  I do cherish greatly those few who are capable of honesty. The former have the guts to live life on life’s terms, the latter mostly shelter themselves in cubicles. The former have no interest in control, the latter are obsessed with it.

     For being supposedly the most intelligent species on Earth, we humans do a lot of stupid shit.  We obsess over safety, we try to dictate the behavior of others, men try to amass wealth in the interest of reproductive rights.  But if one copy of you doesn’t get it, what makes you think 50 are any more likely to figure it out?  It is as King David often pointed out, all is vanity.

     Sometimes I wonder if there is any point to writing.  Is there anyone out there still capable of an independent thought or has every independent thought out there already died from loneliness?