Maclean Memorial Races

March 29 – 30, 2014

The regatta will be a two day event Moorage on March 29 will be at the Longbranch Marina, Filucy Bay. There we will join the Cruisers for an after race potluck and get together. See the Cruise News. The race is open to all SSSS Members. Race fees not required.

Racing Classes

Will be determined Thursday Night March 27, based on those registered then.
The RC would like to have for double-handed, fully crewed boats, and/or Jack and Jill divisions, for Flying Sails and Non-Flying sails. Depending on registration

Boat must register by Thursday March 27. Boats registering should indicate whether they will race as a double-handed, Jack and Jill, or full crew boat and whether they will use flying sails. Boats that have not been racing must get a handicap by then. All boats currently racing will retain their existing handicap.


Each boat has an individual start time based on her time allowance for the race (ones handicap by the race distance). We will post here a list of start times by handicap. It is the skipper’s responsibility to find their start time before the race and not start before then. Your engine must be off for 5 minutes before you cross the line to start. GPS time is the official time.

First start 1000, The the slowest rated boats will start first.
The Race Committee will make no sound or flag signals to signal a start.
They will make one sound to signal the time at 1000 and every half hour there after until all have started.
This Amends RRS 26, Starting Races

Saturday: Start between the Olympia Shoal Mark 4 and the RC boat. Finish near the entrance to Filucy Bay, between the race committee boat and the A frame house
Sunday: Start going sourth between the RC boat and the A frame house near the entrance to Filucy Bay. Finishing between the Olympia Shoal Mark 4 and a RC Boat.
Course Length : 13.2 nm

Special Requirements, both days

  1. All boats are required to record the exact time that the helmsman crosses the line bearing 270 degrees true to the Johnson Point dolphin or when crossing Latitude line 47 10.694 and
  2. the nearest boat(s) ahead and behind when crossing when crossing said line
  3. Boats that do not complete the full course must turn in a daily log sheet with the above information for that day. Failure to comply will result in being scored as DNF for the day.
  4. If the course is completed a log sheet will not be required.

Time Limit Both Days: 1730.
At this time the race is over. This amends RRS 35 Time Limit.

The RC boat will monitor VHF channel 72 during the race for emergency and withdrawals. Other communication will be terminated.


In the event no one finishes on a given day, we will score the race using the times at Johnson Point. Course lengths are then:
Saturday 8.0 nm
Sunday. 5.2 nm

Regatta Scoring
Ties will be broken by comparing the difference in finish times between the boats tied: the boat that finished ahead of the other by the largest time difference will be the winner.

Awards in Class for First
The Maclean Memorial Perpetual Trophy for First Overall

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