Rogue Valley Eclipse 2023

What is the rogue valley in Oregon what are some interesting places to see in the rogue Valley Oregon what is the history of the rogue Valley Oregon

The Rogue Valley is a valley region in southwestern Oregon, United States, located along the middle Rogue River and its tributaries in Josephine and Jackson counties2. It forms the cultural and economic heart of Southern Oregon, near the California border. The largest communities in the Rogue Valley are Medford, Ashland, and Grants Pass2. The valley is known for its hardwood forests, mild climate, and relative isolation, making it a popular fall destination, retirement location, and wine-growing region2.

Solar eclipse viewable on October 14, 2023 in Rogue Valley at around 9 AM

The area has a rich human history of over 9,000 years, starting as a major Native American habitation site1. After European settlers arrived, the Rogue Valley experienced significant changes.

Congress passed the Oregon Donation Land Act in 1850 to encourage settlement of the West. This law allowed pioneers to claim up to 320 acres per person for free! This meant that married couples might secure a square mile of land -a wonderful incentive to emigrate or reward those who had already settled in Oregon.

The Donation Land Act created a scramble for lands. By 1851 settlers were pouring into the Umpqua Valley. The following year Applegate Trail emigrants staked claims in the Rogue Valley and the South Umpqua watershed. The lure of free land had worked like magic–when the law expired, over 9,000 settlers had filed on 2.6 million acres in the Pacific Northwest.

In the 1850s, it was the site of the first gold rush in Oregon and the scene of the state’s most bitter conflict between Native people and white settlers, known as the Rogue River Wars4.

Rogue Valley Trail of Tears

Triven to desperation by attacks on vilages, starvation, and a brutal massacre on October 8, 1855, hundreds of Indians fled the Table Rock Reservation seeking refuge in the Rogue River Canyon. Miners had destroyed their fish runs; settlers’ hogs had eaten the camas and acorns; pioneers forbade the burning of fields for seeds. The Oregon territorial legislature made it illegal for Indians to purchase guns or ammunition. Warfare erupted. The combined forces of U.S. Army regulars and Oregon Volunteers eventually forced the Indians to surrender

In February 1856, Agent George Ambrose began removing the surviving Indians to Grand Ronde 250 miles north. Created by treaties in 1855 and by executive order in 1857, the Grand Ronde Reservation was located on the South Yamhill River. The refugees walked through mud and snow via the Applegate Trail. Followed by “exterminators* intent upon murder, the Indians feared they might all be killed on this “trail of tears.” In four shott years newcomers had wrested away their homeland and all that had sustained their lives.


The Rogue River itself passes through various geologic formations, including volcanic flows from the High Cascades and the Western Cascades4.Some interesting places to see in the Rogue Valley include:

  • Oregon Shakespeare Festival: Located in Ashland, this renowned theater festival offers a variety of performances and events2.
  • Rogue River: Known for its challenging whitewater boating and salmon fishing, the river provides opportunities for outdoor activities and exploration3.
  • Rogue Valley AVA: The region’s wine-growing area, where visitors can enjoy wine tastings and tours of the vineyards2.
  • Historic Jacksonville: A well-preserved 19th-century gold rush town with charming streets, shops, and restaurants2.
  • Crater Lake National Park: Although not directly in the Rogue Valley, this stunning national park is a short drive away and offers breathtaking views of the deepest lake in the United States4.

Is Roseburg on the way to the Rogue Valley? Is there a Costco gas station in Roseburg? what is noteworthy about Roseburg? Discuss the shootings at Roseburg?

Roseburg is not directly on the way to the Rogue Valley, but it is located in the Hundred Valleys of the Umpqua, a region that enjoys a Mediterranean climate1. It is approximately 70 miles north of the Rogue Valley, making it a possible stop along the way1. There is a Costco gas station in Roseburg, which can be convenient for travelers2.Some noteworthy aspects of Roseburg include:

  • Parks: The city has an abundance of parks, offering something for everyone, from small local parks to large city parks3.
  • Umpqua National Forest: Visitors can enjoy the gorgeous scenery of the Umpqua National Forest, including lush landscapes, noteworthy waterfalls, and a breathtaking river4.
  • Historic Downtown: Roseburg’s downtown area is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and features well-preserved buildings with unique architectural styles5.
  • Roseburg Forest Products: The city is home to Roseburg Forest Products, which privately owns and sustainably manages over 600,000 acres of timberland on both the East and West coasts of the United States6.

In 2015, Roseburg gained national attention due to a tragic shooting at Umpqua Community College, where nine people were killed and several others were injured1. The incident sparked debates about gun control and mental health in the United States.

What is noteworthy about Grants Pass? How often is I5 closed at Grants Pass? Why is it named Grants Pass? Provide a history of I5 mentioning Grants Pass and the Rogue Valley.

Some noteworthy aspects of Grants Pass include:

  • Location: Grants Pass is located in the Rogue Valley, along the Rogue River, approximately 25 miles northwest of Medford56. It is situated in the Klamath Mountains, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes6.
  • Stagecoach Stop and Railhead: In the 1860s, Grants Pass served as a stagecoach stop, and it later became a railhead with the completion of the Oregon-California Railroad in 188413.
  • Name Origin: The city was named in honor of General Ulysses S. Grant’s 1863 victory at Vicksburg, Mississippi12. Originally spelled “Grant’s Pass,” the apostrophe was dropped after 19001.
  • Economy: From its early years until about 1930, Grants Pass’ economy was dominated by mining and agriculture2. The Grants Pass Irrigation District, formed in 1916, expanded the variety of crops in the region2. In the 20th century, timber production became the primary industry, and in the 21st century, the economy shifted towards high technology, medical care, tourism, retirement services, and the wood products industry2.
  • Tourism and Recreation: Grants Pass serves as a tourist base for the Rogue River recreational area and is headquarters for the Siskiyou National Forest6. The city is also home to the Josephine County Historical Society Museum and Research Library, which contains documents and artifacts relating to the area’s history6. The Oregon Caves National Monument is located 50 miles south of Grants Pass6.

Grants Pass offers a variety of activities, including river adventure, artistry, wine tasting, antiques and historic touring. It’s located on the Rogue River and 90 minutes from the Southern Oregon coast.


Wine Hopper Tours, serving Southern Pint Rider, serving Medford Oregon and beyond!

Bravo Tours, serving Southern Oregon

Pub Paddle, On the Rogue River, Grants Pass

Rogue Valley on Tap Brewery Tours, Serving Medford

Platinum Xcursions, serving Southern Oregon

CLIMATE CITY BREWING COMPANY Housed in the original turn-of-the-century Grants Pass Brewery building, Climate City Brewing Company is the newest addition to the craft beer scene in Southern Oregon. Awesome beer and upscale pub food.

THE SPEAKEASY TAPROOM Offering craft beers and ciders from Bend, Portland, Grants Pass, Medford, Ashland and Klamath Falls. Great taps include Guinness on Niro, hard Rock Root Beer from Illinois, and select beers requested by patrons from all over the U.S. Local wines are also available. Live music Friday and Saturday nights.

The HaUL Downtown gastropub featuring the distinctive and renown brews of Conner Fields Brewing. Brews include: Zin Saison – infused with Zinfandel grapes, APA, Afterglow, Frank Lloyd Rye, Second Nature, and Mama’s Little Yella Pils. It’s known as a great gathering place with an urban vibe and live music.

JD’S SPORTS BAR AND BREWERY A local sports bar favorite that houses its own brewery. Favorite in-house brews: Around the Horn – Double IPA, American Red Ale, India Pale Ale, Farmer’s Wheat Ale and many more.

WILD RIVER BREWERY Grants Pass is home to Wild River’s Southern Oregon operation with two locations: the Brew House and the Pub. Both feature Wild River’s lineup of brews from their distinctive Harbor Lights Kolsch Style to their Bohemian Pilsner, and many more. Two Grants Pass locations, plus Medford

The Southern Oregon Craft Brew Festival is a popular event in the Rogue Valley, showcasing the region’s vibrant craft beer scene. Here are some details about the festival and other noteworthy beer-related events in the area:

  • Rogue Broadband Southern Oregon BrewFest: This full-blown brewfest features over 70 taps of award-winning microbrews from the Pacific Northwest, the State of Jefferson, and specially invited guests from around the country1. The festival takes place at The Expo in Central Point, Oregon, with hours on Friday from 4-7pm and Saturday from noon-7pm1.
  • Southern Oregon Craft Brew Festival: This annual event, held in downtown Medford’s Pear Blossom Park, offers 30+ craft breweries with more than 60 different beers to enjoy, along with music and delicious food from local vendors and food trucks2. The festival typically takes place in June, but specific dates for future years may vary.
  • Oregon Brewers Festival: While not in the Rogue Valley, the Oregon Brewers Festival in Portland is one of the nation’s longest-running craft beer festivals, featuring over 80 craft breweries and offering a wide selection of beers to sample6. The festival takes place in early June at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. The Oregon Beer Awards, a statewide beer competition and festival, includes breweries from the Rogue Valley and other regions in Oregon2.

These events are just a few examples of the vibrant beer culture in the Rogue Valley, which is known for its high-quality craft breweries and unique beer offerings.

What is the Rogue Valley Beer Trail? How do you do the trail?

Hops grow in Oregon, and the state is known for its hop production. The majority of the hops used in beer brewed in Oregon come from the Willamette Valley, which has a long history of hop farming5. However, the Rogue Valley, located in southern Oregon, also used to have its fair share of hop farms3. However, today, Oregon is no longer the primary hop producer, with Washington State playing the significant role in hop production4.

The Rogue Valley Beer Trail is a self-guided tour that takes you through the Rogue Valley, showcasing the region’s vibrant craft beer scene. Here’s how you can experience the trail:

  • Plan your route: Start by mapping out the breweries you want to visit. The Rogue Valley is home to numerous breweries, so you may want to focus on a specific area or theme, such as downtown Medford or breweries with outdoor seating options1.
  • Visit the breweries: Once you have your route planned, start visiting the breweries on the trail. Each brewery offers its own unique selection of handcrafted beers, so be sure to sample a variety of styles and flavors3.
  • Take a guided tour: If you prefer a more structured experience, consider joining a guided brewery tour. Companies like Main St. Adventures and Pint Rider offer bus and bike tours that take you to multiple breweries, providing transportation and a knowledgeable guide4.
  • Collect passport stamps: Some breweries along the trail have passport punch cards that you can pick up. Get your card stamped at each brewery you visit, and once you’ve collected enough stamps, you may be eligible for a special reward or discount5.
  • Pair your beer with local food: As you explore the Rogue Valley Beer Trail, don’t forget to sample some of the region’s delicious food. Many breweries offer food options, or you can visit one of the local restaurants featured on the Rogue Valley Food Trail for a complete culinary experience6.

Interstate 5 (I-5) is the main highway that runs through the Rogue Valley, passing near Grants Pass5. I-5 can experience closures due to accidents, weather conditions, or construction.

Interstate 5 (I-5) has had a significant impact on Grants Pass and the Rogue Valley, both in terms of transportation and economic development. Here are some key points:

  • Transportation: I-5 is a major north-south highway that runs through the Rogue Valley, connecting California to Washington3. The freeway passes through Grants Pass, providing a crucial transportation link for the city and the surrounding region3.
  • Economic Development: The construction of I-5 in the 1960s and 1970s brought increased accessibility to the Rogue Valley, leading to population growth and economic expansion1. The freeway facilitated the movement of goods, services, and people, contributing to the region’s development.
  • Tourism: I-5’s presence in the Rogue Valley has also made the area more accessible to tourists, who can easily explore the region’s natural beauty, wineries, and other attractions3. The Valley of the Rogue State Park, located off I-5 between Grants Pass and Medford, was once a popular rest area for travelers4.
  • Road Conditions: I-5 can experience closures and construction projects, which can impact travel in the Rogue Valley. It is advisable to check for road conditions and plan accordingly when traveling on the freeway5.
  • Rest Area Changes: In recent years, the Valley of the Rogue State Park’s rest area has been closed due to overuse and resource limitations24. The Oregon Department of Transportation has removed rest area signs leading to the park and implemented new regulations to discourage its use as an interstate-side rest stop4.

There are several yurt camping options near the Rogue Valley, including:

  • Valley of the Rogue State Park: Located near Grants Pass and Medford, this state park offers 13 yurts for overnight stays34. The yurts at Valley of the Rogue are reservation-only, and walk-in stays are not available3.The park features a day-use picnic area, an overnight campground, and a 1.25-mile interpretive walking trail along the Rogue River14.
  • Josephine County Parks: Josephine County offers 11 different yurts for visitors seeking a unique camping experience5. These yurts are located near the Rogue River and provide access to the beautiful natural surroundings of the area5.
  • Private Campgrounds: There are also private campgrounds and rental options that offer yurts near the Rogue River26. These sites may provide additional amenities and services for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

The rules for staying in a yurt at Valley of the Rogue State Park are as follows:

  • Reservation-only: Yurts at Valley of the Rogue are reservation-only, and walk-in stays are not available2.
  • No smoking or cooking: Smoking and cooking are not allowed inside the yurts2.
  • Pet-friendly: Some yurts are designated as pet-friendly, with a maximum of 2 pets (dogs or cats only) allowed2. A $10/night pet fee is included in the rate, and if you do not bring a pet, you can request a $10/night refund upon arrival2.
  • Maximum occupancy and vehicles: The maximum number of people allowed in a yurt is 8, and each yurt can accommodate a maximum of 2 vehicles2. The extra vehicle fee of $7 per night applies, just like in a campsite4.
  • Bedding and amenities: Guests are responsible for bringing their own bedding. Yurts at Valley of the Rogue have electric heating, lighting, and a porch. They also include a picnic table and a fire pit for outdoor use2.

When planning a stay in a yurt at Valley of the Rogue State Park, make sure to follow these rules and guidelines for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

A yurt, also known as a ger, is a portable, circular dwelling that has been used as a primary style of home in Central Asia, particularly Mongolia, for thousands of years1. Yurts are made of a lattice of flexible wood or poles and covered in felt or other fabric, making them sturdy and reliable1. They are typically a little over 2 meters (6 feet) high, with a slightly domed top rising another meter1.

The history of yurts dates back at least three thousand years. The first written description of a yurt used as a dwelling was recorded by the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, who described yurt-like tents as the dwelling place of the Scythians, a horse-riding nomadic nation in the northern Black Sea and Central Asian region25.Yurts have been a distinctive feature of life in Central Asia, and they were used by several distinct nomadic groups, not just the Mongolians3.

Under the leadership of Genghis Khan, the Mongols expanded their empire and brought yurt culture with them as they conquered the steppe of what is now Turkey, Hungary, and Romania1. Yurts remained common in Turkey until the 1960s and 1970s, and they can still be found in rural areas of Hungary1.

“He was, in these early years of the thirteenth century, incomparably the greatest general in Asia and probably in the world. He was a cruel genius whose simple rule was: ‘Leave no conquered leader behind who might rally his horsemen.’ When he subdued an area he killed off all leaders, distributed survivors over vast and differing districts, then galloped off with his booty to the next challenge. Like the Tartars, he destroyed existing orders; unlike them, he established new systems which would endure for centuries. “

Poland by James A. Michener, Pg 25

Today, yurts are still most often associated with Central Asian groups and are used as national symbols, cafes, museums, and souvenir shops2. In Canada and the United States, yurts are often made using hi-tech materials and can be highly engineered for extreme weather conditions2.These North American yurts are better thought of as yurt derivations, as they are no longer the round felt homes that are easy to mount, dismount, and transport2.

When planning a yurt camping trip near the Rogue Valley, it is recommended to book reservations in advance, as availability may vary.

Describe the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland? When is the festival? What is noteworthy about Ashland besides the Shakespeare Festival?

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) is a renowned regional repertory theatre located in Ashland, Oregon, founded in 1935 by Angus L. Bowmer13.

The festival offers a wide range of classic and contemporary plays, not limited to Shakespeare, and takes place across three unique theaters: Angus Bowmer Theatre, Thomas Theatre, and Allen Elizabethan Theatre1. The festival season typically spans from February to October, with multiple showings of 11 different performances610.Besides the Shakespeare Festival, Ashland is known for its other noteworthy attractions, such as:

  • Lithia Park: A beautiful 93-acre park with walking trails, picnic areas, and a Japanese garden2.
  • Downtown Ashland: A charming downtown area with shops, restaurants, and galleries6.
  • Rogue River: A popular destination for rafting, fishing, and other outdoor activities6.
  • Oregon Cabaret Theatre: A theater offering unique dining menus with each show10.
  • Belle Fiore Estate & Winery: A picturesque winery offering wine tastings and events2.
  • ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum: An interactive science museum for all ages2.
Three stages. Limitless words.

These attractions, along with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, make Ashland a popular cultural and recreational destination in Southern Oregon.

Is it a good idea to go to the Rogue Valley to see the October 14 2023 eclipse? Are there any tours in Rogue Valley organized to see the eclipse and if necessary go to Crater Lake to get above the clouds?

The annular solar eclipse on October 14, 2023 will begin in the United States at 9:13 a.m. PDT at Reedsport, Oregon and end in the area of Corpus Christi, Texas at 1:38 p.m. CDT. The last annular solar eclipse to hit the United States was a partial eclipse on the East Coast on June 10, 2021, and the next one won’t be until January 26, 2028.

How to view the ‘Ring of Fire’ Annular Solar Eclipse

An annular solar eclipse happens when the moon passes between Earth and the sun. It occurs when the moon is at or close to its farthest point from Earth, which is also known as apogee. Since the moon is farther away, it appears smaller than the sun and will not completely cover the entire sun during the eclipse.

Courtney Johnson

The 2023 eclipse, specifically the annular solar eclipse on October 14, 2023, is significant because it will cross North, Central, and South America, making it visible for millions of people in the Western Hemisphere8. This “ring of fire” eclipse occurs when the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow that temporarily obscures the Sun’s light2.

Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge August 21, 2017 9:05 AM

In astrology, solar eclipses are associated with periods of intense self-exploration and profound metamorphosis, often revealing what we may have been avoiding or neglecting but need to address in order to move forward in our lives2. The 2023 solar eclipse in Libra is expected to bring intense, out-of-the-blue changes, especially when it comes to one-on-one relationships, and may steer people in new directions relating to beauty, balance, and harmony with others3.

Special glasses are needed to view solar eclipses.

Going to the Rogue Valley to see the October 14, 2023 eclipse is a good idea. The Rogue Valley, specifically Grants Pass, Oregon, is one of the few towns on the edge of the eclipse’s path, offering a chance to experience unique “edge effects” during the event2. The area has a 40% chance of cloud coverage on the day, according to Timeanddate.com2. If necessary, you can also consider visiting Crater Lake to get above the clouds and have a better view of the eclipse1.

There are several tours and events organized in the Rogue Valley and surrounding areas to enhance your eclipse experience:

  • Eclipse Fest 2023: A six-day festival in Chiloquin, Oregon, featuring food trucks, a beer garden, vendors, artisans, games, prizes, dancing, movies, bingo, and more5.
  • Solar Eclipse Tour with Wanderlust Tours, Crater Lake National Park: This tour, offered by Bend-based Wanderlust Tours, provides a spot to enjoy the eclipse, including naturalist-guided hikes, interpretation of the eclipse, transportation to and from Bend, lunch and snacks, and eclipse-viewing glasses1.
  • Eclipse Into Nature, Klamath Falls: Join this free two-day watch party and educational event (pay for parking only) at Running Y Resort, which has teamed up with OMSI, Oregon Institute of Technology, and members of the Klamath Tribes. Enjoy food, music, games, and presentations on the day of the eclipse1.
  • Sunriver Observatory Watch Party, Sunriver: Knowledgeable staff will be on hand to guide attendees through the viewing, as well as to discuss solar events like sunspots, solar flares, and prominences. Tickets are $15 per person and include eclipse glasses1.
  • Bullards Beach Festival of Light Watch Party, Bandon: This event will take place on the beach just north of the Coquille River Lighthouse and will feature a gathering of eclipse watchers6.

What are some of the best spots for stargazing at Crater Lake National Park?

Here are some of the best spots for stargazing at Crater Lake National Park:

Unique edge effect from October 14 2013 eclipse
  • Rim Road: Rim Road is one of the most popular spots for stargazing in the park, offering panoramic views of the night sky virtually everywhere. The Milky Way stretches from one edge of the horizon to the other, and there is minimal light pollution, making it an ideal location for stargazing1.
  • Watchman Overlook: This overlook provides a great vantage point for stargazing, and it also has a restaurant and bar nearby, making it a convenient spot to enjoy the night sky1.
  • Rim Village: Located at an elevation of 7,000 feet, Rim Village offers an unobstructed view of the night sky and is a prime location for stargazing2.
  • Cleetwood Cove: Although primarily known for its hiking and boat tours, Cleetwood Cove also offers a unique stargazing experience. Visitors can enjoy the night sky while being surrounded by the lake’s deep blue waters5.
  • Crater Lake Lodge: The lodge’s location on the rim of the caldera provides a stunning backdrop for stargazing. Guests can enjoy the night sky from the comfort of the lodge’s outdoor seating areas6.
  • Wizard Island: For a more adventurous stargazing experience, consider taking a boat tour to Wizard Island and stargazing from its shores. The island’s remote location and minimal light pollution make it an excellent spot for observing the night sky6.
unique “edge effects”

Where are the Oregon Caves in relation to rogue valley? Do you get there from Grants pass

The Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve is located near Cave Junction, which is about a 60-minute drive east of the Rogue Valley3. The caves were created by acidic rainwater dripping over thousands of years, slowly dissolving the marble rock and forming subterranean caverns and passages3. The main attraction at the Oregon Caves is the guided 90-minute cave tour, which takes visitors deep into the cave system, requiring them to stoop past formations and climb more than 500 stairs along narrow passages3. In addition to the cave tour, there are several other activities and attractions near the Oregon Caves:

  • Hiking Trails: The Monument and Preserve offer six enjoyable hiking trails that meander through the ancient forests and marble and diorite slopes2. One of the most popular hikes is the Big Tree Loop, which takes visitors through a grove of old-growth Douglas fir trees5.
  • Chateau Tour: The Chateau at the Oregon Caves is a historic, six-story building originally constructed in 1934. Visitors can take a 45-minute tour of the Chateau, which features stories covering the building’s history and architecture5.
  • Eight Dollar Mountain Botanical Area: Located north of Cave Junction near Selma, the Eight Dollar Mountain Botanical Area offers stunning viewpoints along the Illinois River. There is a wheelchair-accessible interpretive trail through the area, showcasing its unusual botany3.
  • Siskiyou Smokejumper Base Museum: This museum, located in Cave Junction, provides a fascinating look at the history and operations of the Siskiyou Smokejumper Base, one of the oldest smokejumper bases in the United States1.
  • Great Cats World Park: This unique attraction, also located in Cave Junction, is a sanctuary for rescued and endangered big cats. Visitors can take guided tours to see and learn about these majestic animals1.

The Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve is located in the northern Siskiyou Mountains of southwestern Oregon, near the Oregon-California border3. Here’s how to get there from Grants Pass:

  • Distance: The Oregon Caves are approximately 55 miles southwest of Grants Pass3.
  • Highway Route: Take the Redwood Highway (Highway 199) from Grants Pass, which runs through the Illinois Valley wine country and the Rogue River area4. This scenic route will lead you to the caves.
  • Specific Directions: From I-5 in Grants Pass, take exit 58 to merge onto NE 6th St/OR-99/Redwood Hwy. Continue to follow Redwood Hwy for about 3 miles2. This will put you on the right path towards the Oregon Caves.

The Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve is a unique and geologically fascinating destination, featuring a 4,554-acre park with a marble cave and a variety of outdoor activities in the surrounding Siskiyou Mountains36. Visitors can explore the 15,000 feet of cave passages and enjoy the natural beauty of the area, making it a worthwhile stop for those traveling through the Rogue Valley.

Upon the road from Seattle’s shore, A son embarks to see his father once more, In San Francisco, where the elder resides, The Rogue Valley calls, where adventure abides.

Ten years of journeys, a decade of cheer, The son learns the secrets the valley holds dear, In Grants Pass, he rests, avoiding the night, And Roseburg he visits, with yurts in his sight.

The Oregon Caves, a marvel to see, Their subterranean wonders, a mystery, He sips on the brews of the valley so fair, And dreams of the Shakespeare performed in the air.

The Trail of Tears, a somber tale, A reminder of history, lest we derail, And in 2023, the eclipse draws near, A celestial event, the sky to revere.

From Seattle to San Francisco, the journey unfolds, A bond between father and son, it beholds, Through the Rogue Valley, their memories bloom,
In the heart of the son, they’ll forever find room.

What is there of interest in Medford Oregon?

Here are some points of interest in Medford, Oregon:

  • DANCIN Vineyards: A winery that offers wine tasting, vineyard tours, and a restaurant with outdoor seating and scenic views1.
  • Rogue River: A river that offers rafting, boating, fishing, and hiking opportunities. The Upper Rogue section of the river has a plethora of rafting and boating stretches, while the Wild section of the lower Rogue River runs for 33.8 miles between Grave Creek and Watson Creek. The river between Grants Pass and Grave Creek has productive runs of summer and winter steelhead and Chinook, as well as good places to fish for trout4.
  • Upper and Lower Table Rock: Two prominent mesas that offer hiking trails and scenic views of the Rogue Valley1.
  • Medford Railroad Park: A park that features a train museum, a miniature train ride, and a playground1.
  • Craterian Theater: A theater that offers a variety of performances, including plays, musicals, concerts, and dance shows1.

Chadwick’s Pub & Sports Bar is a popular bar in Medford that offers classic pub grub, a lively atmosphere, and plenty of entertainment options, including bar games, karaoke nights, live music performances, and comedy shows on weekends2510.

Medford and Southern Oregon are known for a variety of events and festivals, including the Heart of the Rogue Festival, which is a confluence of all the Rogue Valley is through the community of artists, musicians, makers, growers, and experiences6.

Other events and festivals include the Southern Oregon Cornhole Classic, Third Friday Medford, Applegate Uncorked, and the Pear Blossom Parade & Festival31114.

There are several rivers near Medford, including the Rogue River, which offers rafting, boating, fishing, and hiking opportunities4.You can hike, boat, and camp in Medford and Southern Oregon. The Upper Rogue section of the Rogue River has a plethora of rafting and boating stretches, while the Wild section of the lower Rogue River runs for 33.8 miles between Grave Creek and Watson Creek.

There are several popular hiking trails near Medford, Oregon. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Table Rocks: A pair of prominent mesas that offer hiking trails and scenic views of the Rogue Valley15.
  • Grizzly Peak: A mountain that offers a challenging hike with panoramic views of the surrounding area1.
  • Pilot Rock: A volcanic plug that offers a challenging hike with stunning views of the Siskiyou Mountains and the Rogue Valley14.
  • Wagner Butte: A mountain that offers a moderate hike with panoramic views of the Rogue Valley and the Cascades1.
  • Roxy Ann Peak: A mountain that offers a moderate hike with panoramic views of the Rogue Valley and the Cascades28.
  • Prescott Park: A park that offers hiking trails and scenic views of the Rogue Valley58.
  • Upper and Lower Table Rock: Two prominent mesas that offer hiking trails and scenic views of the Rogue Valley15.
  • Sarah Zigler Trail: A short and easy trail that offers interpretive signs and scenic views of the Jacksonville Woodlands6.

These trails offer a range of difficulty levels and scenic views, making them suitable for hikers of all ages and experience levels.

Additionally, there are several lakes in Southern Oregon, including Applegate Lake, Crescent Lake, Emigrant Lake, and Lake of the Woods, that offer water sports and swimming opportunities471215.

You can hear guitar playing at several music venues in Medford, including Johnny B’s, The Rocky Tonk Saloon, 5 O’clock Somewhere Bar & Grill, 4 Daughters Irish Pub, and Edenvale Winery8.

There are several microbreweries in Medford, Oregon, including Common Block Brewing Company, Walkabout Brewing Company, Apocalypse Brewing Company, Portal Brewing, and BricktownE Brewing2610. These breweries offer a variety of craft beers and food options, and some of them also have outdoor seating and entertainment options.

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