Long Keels Less Seaworthy

Time to wake up! This happens all the time

I’ve seen people discussing liferafts and such, but for me this big issue here is keels. The four crew on Cheeki died because the boat’s keel fell off, probably very suddenly, and this is not, as some have suggested, an unusual occurrence.

Canoe Ocean Sailing

Joshua Slocum

Joshua Slocum was from Nova Scotia, Canada. He owned several ships as well as commanding many others. After loosing one of his ships, the Aquidneck, on a sandbank in Brazil, he and his family sailed the Liberdade, a canoe of about 35 foot, from the site of the grounding to Washington DC USA, his new home.

Pocket Cruising

Pocket cruising is a term that applies to sail boats 27 foot and under. This is a challenging form of cruising owing to space limitations. For pocket cruisers, simple things make a big difference. Many of them are inexpensive.


Comfort and Water Ballast

It was pretty galling to watch the water-ballasted boats taking the conditions very much in their stride – and with significantly more comfort for their crews. 

The Cascails fleet exhibited a good representation of current offshore design, and it was interesting to see how they fared.

Ocean Cruising Comfort

I’m occasionally asked if I miss the larger, deep draft sailboat. The answer is always no. That type of craft now seems to me like a helpless one-legged seabird soaring above the surface of the sea, never able to safely land or seek shelter.

Speed, Strong, Flotation = Safety

Speed is Safety

“Unfortunately, the speed range for typical displacement boats between 20 and 50 feet is only five to 10 knots- not nearly enough for many recreational roles. True, slow moving, full displacement vessels are reasonably efficient at carrying heavy loads because buoyancy forces sustain the weight for free, and only modest engine power is needed to slide it along.

Twin Shallow Keels

Twin keels become more effective with increased angle of heel, while a single keel becomes less effective.

“No other nation has put so much faith in bilge (or twin) keels as the British. Other countries have flirted with them, but we became so enamored with the concept that they were the first choice for anything less than about 36 feet.”

Water Ballast

bilge ballast According to Sailing Today, September 2000 page 83, Van de Stadt’s Dehler 25 sloop bested MacGregor Yachts by a year or so in the use of water ballast. The German Dehler 25s were produced from 1984 to 1991 and water ballast was reported in the US to be used for trailering reasons and cost savings.

Maclean Memorial Races

March 29 – 30, 2014

The regatta will be a two day event Moorage on March 29 will be at the Longbranch Marina, Filucy Bay. There we will join the Cruisers for an after race potluck and get together.

Skookum Inlet Race

March 1, 2014

Osa was the RC Boat. Releaf was mark boat.



A CLASS   Start Time: 10:00   Distance: 23.4 nm               Correctd          
                                                     Finish   Finish   Course   
Points Sail No. Yacht Name     Yacht Type     Rating Time     Time     Time     
------ -------- -------------- -------------- ------ -------- -------- ---------
  0.75    69315 NIRVANA        MERI 28           120 16:29:00 15:42:12   6:29:00
  2.00    18633 I5             SANZ 33           117 16:39:48 15:54:10   6:39:48
  3.00    73392 BODACIOUS      BENE 35 S5        129 17:30:12 16:39:53   7:30:12
  4.00    79089 LIGHTLY SALTED BENE 10R           96 17:51:04 17:13:38   7:51:04
  5.00    79182 FOLIE A DEUX   BENE 35 S5        138 18:27:08 17:33:19   8:27:08

S CLASS   Start Time: 10:00   Distance: 23.4 nm               Correctd          
                                                     Finish   Finish   Course   
Points Sail No.