Daylight Savings Time

     Daylight Savings Time is one of my pet peeves.  Instead of changing TIME to make activities better fit the Earth’s light / dark cycle, how about just changing the time we do those activities?  Too dark for kids to go to school early, schedule school later.

     Instead we make 7 billion people less Arizona, and a few other sparsely populated regions, undergo a total screw-up of their circadian rhythms twice a year.  God only knows what the health impact of that is but it can’t be good.

     And if we ABSOLUTELY MUST do it, why the hell do we move our clocks forward at 2AM on Sunday when it screws us out of an hours sleep and an hour of the weekend?

     How about instead we move them an hour forward at 2PM on Friday, thereby shortening the work day and bring the weekend an hour sooner?


     If I had my way, the heads of all the legislators that passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act would have their heads explode.

     Everybody says it’s about the artists ability to be compensated, that’s just so much bullshit.  Less than 1% of the income these people derive typically goes to the artist.

     But what it is doing is denying us access to our own culture and guaranteeing that our time on this planet will be forgotten as soon as the profit margin shrinks too far.

     What did artists do BEFORE the technology existed to make copies of their music?  They made money performing.  Why should they uniquely benefit, and even less so why should giant record labels benefit uniquely from copying technology rather than the whole of society?

Dreaming Another Life

     One kind of dream I sometimes have is one in which I am living a completely different life and I myself am a different person altogether with a different family, history, home, occupation, you name it, completely different person.

     Usually these different people are not extraordinary, they’re just not me.

     The extraordinary part of it all is the adventure of it.  When you’re living a completely different life, everything is new and novel.

    I have no idea what the meaning of it all is.  I’m not real big on the re-incarnation hypothesis.  I can’t imagine why I would want to be a human being on this planet again.


     My back is so unhappy today, my intestines and legs were so unhappy last night.  I go to a men’s group with some men who are mostly older than me although only for a few years and they all live with chronic pain and I just don’t understand how they do it.

Prison Nightmare

     It’s been nearly 4 years since I was released, still I have prison nightmares and I expect these will be with me the rest of my life.  If I could leave this country to some place out of the reach of the US government, and reality is no such place exists, and never come back I would.  I don’t expect there is any other way these nightmares will ever end.  I ask God to give me peace but so far in this particular realm it has not happened.

     In the nightmare I had been back in for eight months, and I had not committed any crime.  And I have this fear because I know my political views aren’t popular with the powers that be and once you have a record any made up bullshit becomes more believable.  But you can be sure, if I go back it will not be for any crime I’ve committed.  I applied myself to the fullest in treatment because I really wanted to be free of the sexual demon and I feel I’ve largely succeeded at that, but the fear demon, he’s still got a firm grasp on me.

     So I had been there eight months in this dream and my wife visited, and I told her you’ve got to find me a lawyer but she had no money for a lawyer.  She did find my new release date and it was another year into the future, and then I thought they could arbitrarily change that.

     So I and two other prisoners broke out, and the rest of the dream was about being pursued and I woke up during the chase.