Port McNeill, Canada

What is noteworthy about Port McNeill Canada? How far away is Port McNeill from the Tsawwassen ferry at Nanaimo? Is there anything noteworthy on the drive to Port McNeill from Nanaimo? What is the History of Port McNeill? Can you board a tourist boat at Port McNeal to visit the Broughton Islands? How about Alert Bay?What is noteworthy about the Broughton Islands? What is noteworthy about Alert Bay?

Stroll along the Harbourfront Walkway in Nanaimo

Port McNeill, located in Canada, has several noteworthy features and attractions:

Port McNeill is a town in the North Island region of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada on Vancouver Island’s northeast shore, on Queen Charlotte Strait. Originally a base camp for loggers, it became a settlement in 1936.
  • Port McNeill is a town on Vancouver Island known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, and whale watching3.
  • It is approximately 300 kilometers away from the Tsawwassen ferry terminal in Nanaimo1.
  • It is approximately a 7-7.5 hour drive from Tsawwassen ferry terminal to Port McNeill, with a ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo12. Hence, consider camping along the way or get an early start.
  • On the drive from Nanaimo to Port McNeill, there are notable sights such as Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park, a nice place to camp which features a small waterfall and hiking trails4. And Elk Falls Provincial Park with the best water fall on Vancouver Island.
  • The history of Port McNeill dates back to the early 20th century when it was founded as a small logging and fishing community3.
  • It is possible to board a tourist boat at Port McNeill to visit the Broughton Islands. Several companies offer whale watching tours and other excursions to the islands3.
  • The Broughton Islands are known for their wildlife, including orcas, humpback whales, and dolphins. They also offer opportunities for hiking, kayaking, and camping3.
  • Port McNeill is known as the gateway to the Broughton Archipelago, a scenic group of islands and protected spaces56.

Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park was originally established as a park in 1940[2] to protect the old growth Douglas Fir forest. Today, swimming, fishing, campgrounds and day-use areas are available within the park, as well as sail boarding due to a wind funnel created by the surrounding mountains.

Elk Falls Suspension Bridge near Campbell River

Elk Falls Provincial Park is in British Columbia, Canada. It is 1,807 hectares in size and is located at the east end of John Hart Lake on the northwest side of the city of Campbell River, on Vancouver Island. The Park was established in 1940 to protect the waterfall and canyon.

Overall, Port McNeill offers a range of outdoor activities, scenic drives, and access to the beautiful Broughton Islands and Alert Bay making it an attractive destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

What is the history of Port McNeill’s development

Port McNeill is a town located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The town was founded as a small logging and fishing community in the early 20th century5. Port McNeill became a settlement in 1936 and was named after Captain William Henry McNeill of the Hudson’s Bay Company2.

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort
1978 Broughton Blvd, Port McNeill BC, Canada

Iron and copper mines around 1960 brought more people to live in the community. At incorporation as a village in 1966, the population was around 450. Completion of the Island Highway in 1979 greatly improved access to Port McNeill and the other communities along the northeast coast of Vancouver Island3.

Silver King Charter out of Port McNeill

Today, logging remains the primary employer in Port McNeill and contributes approximately 8% of the total BC timber harvest. The main contractors are Western Forest Products and LeMare Lake Logging2.The town has seen significant changes in its economy in the past several years6.

A burl is basically a tree tumor and they are popular for carving and furniture. This World’s Largest Burl was saved from logging which is the major industry for Port McNeill.

What are the features attractive to pleasure boaters of the marina at Port McNeill?

Pleasure boaters visiting the marina at Port McNeill can enjoy several features, including:

  • Two moorage facilities to choose from2
  • A natural harbor that provides a sheltered location for boats2
  • The marina is open year-round and can accommodate boats of all sizes1
  • The marina is a major re-supply point for boaters1
  • The marina offers fuel dock services4
  • The marina is conveniently located for provisioning and dinner reservations in Port McNeill45
  • The marina is monitored on VHF 66A for slip assignments3

Overall, the marina at Port McNeill provides a convenient and well-equipped location for pleasure boaters to dock their boats and enjoy the surrounding area. Restaurants are listed below.

  • Guss Pub13
  • Seahorse at the Roxy Alder Bay1
  • Tias Cafe123
  • Gordies Restaurant & Lounge1
  • Kwa’lilas Hotel1
  • Archipelagos Bistro2
  • The Sportsman’s Steak & Pizza House23
  • Cluxewe Waterfront Bistro3
  • Devil’s Bath Brewing Co. 3
  • Mugz2.03

What types of beers are available at Devil’s Bath Brewing Co.

Devil’s Bath Brewing Co offers a variety of locally crafted beers. According to the search results, some of the types of beer available at Devil’s Bath Brewing Co include:

  • Morningstar Golden Ale1
  • Sinners and Saints Hazy Pale Ale13
  • Old Growth Red Ale23
  • Bottomless Brown Ale1
  • Belgian Wit2
  • Sour Ale2
  • Kölsch2

Visitors to Devil’s Bath Brewing Co can enjoy a range of beer styles, including pale ales, red ales, brown ales, and more.

Devil’s Bath Brewing Co. at Port McNeill serves food and beverages other than beer. They offer a food menu that includes tacos, salads, and artisan pizzas1. Additionally, they serve cider, wine, and various non-alcoholic beverages1.

Visitors can enjoy a combination of locally crafted beers and tasty culinary creations at the brewery and restaurant2. The kitchen offers a rotating menu2.

It’s worth noting that while the focus is on their craft beers, they do provide options for those who prefer other beverages and food choices.

Devil’s Bath Brewing Co. at Port McNeill offers food options for those allergic to dairy. The brewery and restaurant have vegan and dairy-free options available on their menu2. They offer pizzas made with small-batch cashew cheese, as well as salads and tacos that are vegan-friendly2.Additionally, they have gluten-free options available15. Visitors with dietary restrictions can enjoy a variety of culinary creations at Devil’s Bath Brewing Co.

Is the Humpback inn in Port McNeill? What is it like?

Humpback Whale Breaching

There is a Humpback Inn located in Port McNeill, Canada. Here is some information about the inn:

  • The Humpback Inn is a hotel located in the heart of Port McNeill5.
  • The hotel features free WiFi and free private parking124.
  • It is situated approximately 44 km from the Port Hardy Ferry Terminal124.
  • The hotel offers a range of amenities, including a kitchen or kitchenette, air conditioning, parking, a balcony or patio, a washing machine, TV, entertainment, a hairdryer, and non-smoking rooms3.
The Humpback Inn on Northern Vancouver Island is a new hotel situated in the heart of Port McNeil close to the excursion boat to the Broughton’s and ferry to Alert Bay.

Are there any nearby attractions to Humpback Inn in Port McNeill

There are several nearby attractions to the Humpback Inn in Port McNeill, Canada. Here are some of the top-rated options according to search results:

  • Remote Passages: A tour company that offers whale watching, grizzly bear watching, and other wildlife tours25.
  • Wolf in the Fog: A restaurant that serves Pacific Northwest cuisine and seafood2.
  • Jamie’s Whaling Station: A tour company that offers whale watching and bear watching tours2.
  • Pacific Rim National Park Reserve: A national park that features beaches, hiking trails, and wildlife viewing opportunities2.
  • Tourist Charters at Port McNeill to visit the Broughton Islands.

These attractions offer a variety of activities, including wildlife viewing, dining, and outdoor recreation. Visitors to the Humpback Inn can easily access these attractions during their stay in Port McNeill.

How do you get to Alert Bay from Port McNeil? What is at Alert Bay that is of interest? What Indians live at Alert Bay

To get to Alert Bay from Port McNeill, visitors can take a short ferry ride from Port McNeill to Cormorant Island, where Alert Bay is located235. The ferry ride takes approximately 40 minutes1. Once on Cormorant Island, visitors can explore the following attractions:

  • U’mista Cultural Centre: A museum that showcases the history and culture of the Kwakwaka’wakw people46.
  • Alert Bay Ecological Park: A park that features hiking trails and scenic views of the surrounding area46.
  • Namgis Original Burial Grounds: A historic site that features traditional Kwakwaka’wakw totem poles and burial grounds46.

Alert Bay is also home to a small community of First Nations people, primarily the ‘Namgis First Nation23. Visitors can experience Indigenous culture and learn about the history and traditions of the Kwakwaka’wakw people during their visit to Alert Bay3. Overall, Alert Bay offers a unique cultural experience and a chance to learn about the history and traditions of the First Nations people who call the area home.

There are traditional events and festivals that take place in Alert Bay. Here are some of the events and festivals that are mentioned in the search results:

  • Alert Bay Traditional Dancers’ Festival: This annual festival features traditional Indigenous dance performances and is held in Alert Bay1.
  • Alert Bay Seafest: This festival celebrates the maritime heritage of Alert Bay and includes boat races, a parade, and other activities2.
  • Alert Bay 360: This event is a multi-sport race that takes place in Alert Bay and includes kayaking, mountain biking, and running2.
  • Potlatch: A traditional Indigenous ceremony that takes place in Alert Bay and other First Nations communities5.

These events and festivals offer visitors a chance to experience traditional Indigenous culture and celebrate the heritage of Alert Bay. The Alert Bay Traditional Dancers’ Festival is an annual event, but the specific dates vary from year to year. The festival features traditional Indigenous dance performances and is held in Alert Bay1. Visitors who are interested in attending the festival can check local event calendars or contact the Alert Bay Visitor Centre for more information2.

A MacGregor 26x sailboat,
Towed from Seattle to Port McNeill,
On a journey of adventure and thrill,
To explore the Broughton Archipelago’s appeal.

The ferry ride from Seattle to Nanaimo, Boat in tow,
A comfortable lounge with snacks and drinks to go,
Then a drive to Port McNeill,
A natural harbor with moorage facilities to feel.

The MacGregor 26x is launched at Port McNeill,
A gateway to the Broughton Islands’ thrill,
A chance to sail, crab, fish and explore, The beauty of nature to adore.

Alert Bay, a historic site to see,
Namgis Original Burial Grounds and U’mista Cultural Centre to be,
Culture Shock Interactive Gallery to experience,
And Seals, Eagles and Whales to witness.

The Broughton Islands, a scenic delight,
With protected spaces and mazy waterways in sight,
A chance to sail, clam, crab, and explore,
The beauty of nature to adore.

Port McNeill, a destination of adventure and thrill,
A chance to explore the Broughton and Alert Bay appeal,
A MacGregor 26x sailboat, is also
A recreational vehicle to camp and be real.

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