Golden Age of Pirates

In the Bahamas’ azure seas, A haven for the bold and free, Nassau, a pirate’s paradise, Where Blackbeard’s shadow cast its vice.

From Jamaica’s shores, the plunder flowed, Riches that the wicked hoard, A testament to piracy’s might, Defying autocratic blight.

On the high seas, they ruled the waves, Captains and crews, no masters to crave, A democracy of the daring and bold, Wealth and freedom, their tales untold.

Saint Patrick’s Day Loophole

“The Loophole” In a bustling port of Everett bar on Saint Patrick’s Day, two modern-day sailors, Jack and Michael, found themselves immersed in the jovial spirit of the celebration. Michael a Catholic sailor, proudly wore his cross necklace, a symbol of his faith, while Michael, a Mormon sailor, sported a shamrock pin gifted to him…

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz, a place of history and lore, A place where the past lives forevermore, A fortress by the sea, a prison for the worst, A place where the weak perish and the strong thirst. Alcatraz, a place of history and lore, A place where the past lives forevermore. Pelicans soaring high, a symbol of hope, A place where the future and the past elope.

Tahiti and The Cook Islands

How does one sail a Leopard 46 catamaran from Tahiti to the Cook Islands? How long would it take? Assume the voyage would be close to cyclone season? What is noteworthy about the Cook Islands? How were the islands named? What is the history of the Cook Islands? Is it safe for an American to…