Please Do Not Use the EskimoNorth Yahoo Group For Status

     Please do not use the EskimoNorth user group on Yahoo Groups for status because I can not post there.  This is what I get when I try:


Your message to the EskimoNorthUsers group was not approved.
The owner of the group controls the content posted to it and has the
right to approve or reject messages accordingly.

In this case, your message was automatically rejected because the
moderator didn’t approve it within 14 days. We do this to provide a
high quality of service for our users.

A complete copy of your message has been attached for your

Thank you for choosing Yahoo Groups

     Instead first check and if no response there, then check  I will post in one of these two locations or both.

Mail Rejection

     Something got damaged with mx2’s postfix configuration and it caused it to reject e-mail with “Server configuration error” messages.

     I did postfix check but it did not complain.  So I copied mx1’s configuration, which was not experiencing these errors and just corrected hostname and path to TLS certs on mx2 and restarted postfix and the errors stopped.


     For those of you who have an interest in the SmallTalk programming language, GNU SmallTalk with all the bindings, libraries, Emacs extensions, etc, has been installed on the web server, and the Ubuntu, Mint, and Debian shell servers.

CentOS6 Development Tools 6

     I have installed development tools 6 on CentOS6.  This makes gcc-6 and related tools available.  They are enabled by default on bash, but for other shells you will need to source the following:

     source /opt/rh/devtoolset-6/enable

Kernel Upgrades

     I have upgraded the kernels on Centos6, Mail, Mx1, Mx2, Radius1, and Scientific from 2.6.32 to 3.10.107 to eliminate a vulnerability being exploited by some Linux Ransomware making the rounds presently.

     I initially upgraded to 4.11.8 but discovered that pine and dovecot do not work properly with this kernel version under RHEL-6 based machines.  It does work fine under Ubuntu so I don’t know if it is an incompatibility of how some library interfaces with the kernel or exactly what is wrong, I just know it does not work properly but 3.10.107 does seem to be okay.