Iglulik Reboot Tonight

     One of our servers has been unstable on 5.7.6 and rebooted spontaneously twice in the last few days.  Oddly, only this server seems to be impacted but it is a newer CPU than the others so it may be a kernel problem specific to this CPU.

     I am going to reboot into 5.7.7 tonight IF it hasn’t spontaneously booted into it on it’s own between now and then.  This will happen just after midnight.

     This machine services the web, /home directories, and several shell servers.  Because basically everything relies on /home, everything will be briefly interrupted shortly after midnight except virtual private servers which will not be affected.

     If you are not on Mint, Debian, or Ubuntu, you should just see things lock up briefly, if you are on one of these servers you will be disconnected and will need to re-establish your connection after the boot completes.