Eskimo.Com subdomains Available with https

If you have a need for SSL but don’t want to spend for a certificate for your domain, a new option is available with a domain under like for example, where stuff can be served via https.   You won’t need to buy a cert for this as I have purchased a wildcard cert for * so we can provide https on anything under

If you would like an subdomain, it is available for $24/year in addition to your normal account charges.  It can be mapped to your public_html, adult_html, or any subdirectory of those two.  It can be mapped elsewhere but cgi’s will not work elsewhere.

BurstNet – Looking for a new Home?

I just read today that Burstnet is discontinuing all services except for co-location by July 25th.  I’m not sure how to communicate this but if you’re looking for a new hosting home that is stable, we’ve been around as long as the Internet has existed, and current, we have the very latest Apache 2.4.9 based servers, consider us to host your site.  We’ve got lots of spare hosting capacity at present.

‘’ web address outage

Our main website address is ‘‘ however, we also have pointed to our web server on ports 80 and 443 using NAT in our router.  The reason for this is that our old shell server sits on this address but we want people who type that in as a web address to also get to our website.

Something went wrong with NAT on our router today and ‘’ was not functioning even though the NAT entries were still in place.  Rebooting the router corrected the problem.

Maintenance 6/22/2014 00:05 – 02:00

I will be taking machines down for maintenance tonight just after midnight.  There will be an initial downtime of about fifteen minutes affecting all services and then 10-15 minute down times for various services as machines are halted, imaged, and rebooted.  This is necessary because of kernel and other important updates that need to be applied.

Phones Down

Phones will be down from now until some time later this afternoon while Comcast is working to resolve intermittent service issues.

If you have an issue that needs attention, please e-mail

Maintenance Completed

Maintenance activity for this morning is completed with the exception of some compression and dump jobs which are eating a lot of CPU cycles and so may slow some things slightly until they complete.