UUCP Infrastructure Upgraded

Due to failure of the old SS-10 running RedHat 4.2, UUCP infrastructure has been upgraded to a virtual machine running on an I7-2600 platform.  The new OS is CentOS 6.4 Linux.  The UUCP is now Taylor UUCP version 1.07, and the MTA is Postfix.

I haven’t been selling UUCP to new customers in need of that service because I was afraid that 20-year old box was going to die soon and I had not been successful at getting UUCP to work properly with modern Sendmail.  Using Postfix as an alternative provided a solution.

We will now be offering UUCP connectivity to new customers, either by local dial-up or over TCP at an annual rate of $264.

If you are interested, please e-mail support@eskimo.com or give us a call at 1-206-812-0051 or Toll Free 1-800-246-6874.


You Have Comcast and Trouble Sending e-Mail?

Comcast has taken to blocking port 25, the normal outgoing SMTP port. You can work around the problem by changing your outgoing SMTP port either to port 2525 or port 587.

I would also encourage you to let Comcast know this is unacceptable.  Otherwise, they may continue to block additional ports and your Internet functionality will continue to degrade.

Maintenance Activity Complete

The maintenance activity for tonight has been completed.  The newer Intel servers including shellx and the web server, the name servers, and the main file server are all updated to Centos 6.4 Linux.

Web Server Upgrade

Our web server has been upgraded to Apache 2.4.4.  This is mainly a bug and security fix.  It fixes several instances that can cause Apache to core dump as well as some cross-scripting exploits.

Maintenance Activity

Tonight’s maintenance activity which involved a huge number of software upgrades, as many as 645 on some servers, and kernel upgrades on all the modern machines, has finished.