Web Maintenance Tonight 22:00

     I am planning on taking the web server down for about 20 minutes to image the machine tonight around 10PM.  The reason for this is because I’ve made substantial changes including the addition of HTML2 since the last image was made and do not want to lose those in the event of file system corruption or disk failure.


     Since moving the web server from Centos 6 to Ubuntu 15.10, it has not been possible to access the MySQL server via a MySQL client on a shell server because of the options Ubuntu compiled in.  Even if I set the bind address to, it would still listen only to localhost.

     I have since replaced the Ubuntu version of MySQL with the MySQL Community version (which is also one point issue newer) and this resolved that problem.

     You can now access the MySQL server from a shell server.


     For your amusement and entertainment there is now a chat system available under Web-Apps->Chat.  This is not the final version of what I intend to be there, it is just a place holder until I get a fully functional XDCC/Jabber Chat working.

     Also, for amusement, Web-Apps>Chat->Carlos, is a chat bot similar to the old Eliza program.