Web Server Maintenance Complete

     The web server maintenance has been completed.  I apologize for taking longer than anticipated.  The virtual disk was close to full and I had to resize it to make more space available for web applications and database data.

     I ran into some problems doing this.  Resizing the image went fine but the version of gparted shipped with Ubuntu 17.10 is broken and refused to resize a partition on a virtual disk.  I got around this by downloading from gparted’s site instead of using Ubuntu’s gparted but it took me a while to come to that fix.

     The partition is now resized to take advantage of the larger image and all is well.


Denial of Service Attack

     Our web server is slow currently because it is being hit with a denial of service attack from Amazon cloud server nodes.  So far fail2ban has locked out 454 addresses, the majority being amazon nodes.  As it locks out attacking addresses, the server load is slowly coming down.