Volunteer Moderators Wanted

The captcha helped, it only took half an hour to clear out the spam this morning instead of six hours.

It is my belief that the people doing the spamming are SEO folks trying to get as many links to their customers websites out there as possible to improve their ranking.  Part of the reason I believe this is that every single spam consists of one sentence and a link.

These links are only valuable to them if they stay up there long enough for Google to crawl.  Getting them down as fast as possible reduces their incentive for spamming.

I am looking for volunteer moderators to delete spammers from StatusNet.  It is really very simple, you see a spam, you click on the username in the header.  On the right you get a moderate pull down, select delete.  It will ask for confirmation, you say yes, spammer and all his posts are gone.

If you would be interested in helping moderate Status.NET, please drop an e-mail to support@eskimo.com.


Thank you!


Spambots found Status.NET and trashed it out pretty bad today.  I spent around six hours deleting spam and bogus accounts.

I’ve added a captcha and some other measures to address this.

WordPress / StatusNet Gateway

I’ve installed a plugin called “WP Status.net” which causes posts I make to our Eskimo North News blog to be cross-posted to our Status.net server.

If you have a blog and would like to have similar functionality, just go to your Dashboard, select “Plugins”, “Add New”, then specify Status.net in the search box.

Install and activate the plugin.  Then go down to settings and choose the WP Status.net plugin.  In the boxes put “www.eskimo.com/statusnet” as the server, “api” as the path, your username and password on Status.net here, and then save settings.

After that, any post you make to your blog will also show up in Status.net.

Ejabberd XMPP Instant Messaging on shellx.eskimo.com

Per a request by the same customer that requested Coccinella, we have installed Ejabberd, an XMPP Instant messenging server on shellx.

To access it use Coccinella (a graphical application installed on shellx) or any other XMPP IM client on your machine and use host shellx.eskimo.com, port 5222, password authentication plain-text, do not require encryption as it is presently not working.

Coccinella Installed

At the request of one of our customers, Vera Zonglitch, Coccinella, an instant messenger client that incorporates a whiteboard, has been installed on Shellx.

If there is any software applications that you would find useful that are currently not present on Shellx, please e-mail support@eskimo.com with your request.


Shellx.eskimo.com will now accept connections via VNC. Various resolutions and color depths are available:

  • Port 5900 (display 0) 1024×768 Color Depth 16 bits
  • Port 5901 (display 1) 800×600 Color Depth 16 bits
  • Port 5902 (display 2) 640-480 Color Depth 16 bits
  • Port 5903 (display 3) 1024×768 Color Depth 8 bits
  • Port 5904 (display 4) 800×600 Color Depth 8 bits
  • Port 5905 (display 5) 640×480 Color Depth 8 bits
  • Port 5906 (display 6) 1680×1050 Color Depth 16 bits
  • Port 5907 (display 7) 1280×800 Color Depth 16 bits

VNC is an older protocol for remote consoles.  NX is far superior in terms of performance and security, however, VNC is more widely available.  You can get VNC viewers for smart phones and tablets. NX is pretty much limited to Mac OS-X, Windows, and Linux.

On Apple, I recommend Chicken or Chicken-of-the-VNC, Chicken is an offshoot of Chicken of the VNC and works pretty much the same except that it has the ability to tunnel over ssh built-in.

If you are using “Chicken” or other VNC viewer that has built-in ssh tunneling, be aware that the login that ssh is going to try to use on the destination machine is the login you are using on the originating box.  If the VNC viewer gives you a place to add ssh options, you can add -l login (where login is your login here), otherwise, you will either need to change your login on your originating machine to match or setup an ssh tunnel manually.

On Linux, TigerVNC Viewer.

On Windows TightVNC Viewer.

Connecting to VNC directly is insecure because login, passwords, and any text typed goes over the connection unencrypted.  However, it is possible to forward over SSH and avoid these problems.  With Chicken or Chicken of the VNC, all you need do is check the box that says forward over ssh.  Your username on your machine must be the same as here for this to work because it doesn’t prompt for a login.  For other platforms you’ll need to setup forwarding manually.  I’ll write more about this after I figure it out myself.

This is an alternate way to get a full Gnome desktop from our server on your machine.  It is not as efficient as NX but less buggy.  You’ll get a better image and faster response with NX but NX sometimes takes multiple attempts to connect.  VNC is an older and very well established protocol and there are many VNC viewers available free.