Postfix on

     Postfix is acting up on, I do not know if this is because of an update or exactly what is wrong.  Specifically, it is rejecting some clients even though I have explicitly told it to accept SASL authenticated clients regardless of EHLO status.  This is causing issues when sending e-mail from some phones when the IP address assigned has no inverse DNS OR when it is running off of WiFi and using a NAT address instead of a real IP address.

     I am attempting to compile the latest postfix which has a number of bug fixes after the version that Ubuntu supplies to see if it will correct this.  Also compiling the latest openSSL as the Ubuntu version is one release behind and does not have all the latest encryptions.  There will be some interruption of outgoing mail service as it will be necessary to remove the Ubuntu version before installing the locally compiled version.


     The additional spam filtering did not do as much as I had hoped, or for that matter as SpamHaus had suggested that it would.  I will continue to look for other ways to reduce spam.

New Spam Filters

       We will be implementing some new spam filtering capabilities from Spamhaus that I hope will increase the effectiveness of our spam filters.

     These consist of a domain reputation black list and an IP based system that will prevent our mail server from being used by spam botnets when credentials are compromised which should reduce the incentive for same.

     The existing blacklists incorporated in SpamAssassin are all IP based, but spamassassin 3.3.1 made available domain based black lists and SpamHaus has incorporated these.  We will be doing so shortly.  As before these won’t outright reject but rather divert mail identified as spam into your spam folder.

Client mail server:

     I apologize for the brief interruption of around 9pm tonight.

     I have encountered in the past several delays when I went to post mail but I could not find a resource shortage to explain it and I had set no upper bounds on the number of processes postfix could launch so that should not have been an issue.

     Tonight I happened to have an xterm open on mail when it did this and I was able to determine the issue was that it was running out of RAM and had to swap other processes out to make room.

     I increased the amount of RAM allocated to this machine from 2GB to 8GB to address this issue but it required a shut down and reboot to make it effective.

OpenSuse is now available to you again.

     It is no longer “Leap”, it is now “Tumbleweed”, a rolling distribution which will keep it current and up to date unlike Leap.

Linux Library Bug Affecting X2Go

     There is a bug in the mesa-libGL library used in the Debian derived Linux’s presently that may either break your ability to connect via x2go or break some desktop functionality.  This is because when the screen size is queried the library is incorrectly returning a rectangle of 0x0.  I know the developers are aware but no idea how long it will take to be fixed.

     In the meantime you can try a different desktop or use the web terminal or graphics console function under web apps to get a remote desktop.


     It is hard to say if our Facebook page will remain.  I referred to Mark Zuckerberg as Fuckerberg after he denied a post in which I stated that I had used Kratom to relieve diabetic neuropathy because nothing that the doctors would give me worked and if it had not been for that I might have well taken my life.

     Kratom is not illegal, neither is it particularly dangerous.  So I find no excuse for having my post banned and it was information that could help others in the same boat and perhaps save a life.

     So I am looking for another alternative to post status to when our website is down.