Reboots Complete – Still Checking Hosts

     The reboots are completed but I am about an hour behind schedule.

     Two things set me back.  First, SOMETHING installed dnsmasq on my stealth master DNS server.  It is a master that is hidden behind a firewall so that hackers can’t inject nastiness into it and then it supplies all the secondary servers with zone records.

     Because it has bind, it does not need dnsmasq.  Further, dnsmasq breaks bind IF it starts first because it uses the same network port (53) as bind thus blocking bind’s ability to attach to that port and function.

     So at some past point when I rebooted, about a week ago, zone records just now expired and all the secondary servers quit serving them, so when I went to ssh into the server, my workstation couldn’t find them (and neither could any external computer), thus it was broken for everyone but because I had posted about the reboots everyone was expecting an outage and nobody called so I was unaware until i tried to connect and then it took me a little while to figure out what the hell was going on.

     And then once that was resolved, one of Canonical’s engineers (the Ubuntu developers) asked me to try an experiment for them in order to try to nail down a problem with a apparmor profile for libvirtd, and that took additional time.

     Everything is rebooted now but I am still checking for proper NFS mounts and NIS binding of hosts to servers.

Server Reboots

     I am planning on rebooting physical hosts which will affect all services tonight starting at midnight.  I should be complete by about 12:30, and then another hour or so to check all the servers for proper NFS/NIS mounting/binding which is not 100% reliable under Linux.