Infocom Games

     A variety of Infocom games are now available to play on all of the shell servers except the old ‘’ server.

     These are all in /usr/games, so either include /usr/games in your $PATH or specify the full path name, for example, /usr/games/zork_1 to play the game.

     Thanks to Bill Vance for providing the necessary information on where to get these and how to run them.


     Since the only person logged into Ubuntu had been idle for two days, I decided to take it down and image it this afternoon.  I’m going to do the same for the other machines if they are idle.

     The work on Ubuntu is finished.  It is available for use.

Maintenance Friday 4/24 10PM – Saturday 4/25 2AM

     I’ve got quite a lot of maintenance work to do Friday evening through early Saturday morning.  This will involve rebooting the host machines to make active various updates and fixes as well as most of the guest machines.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to complete everything in a four hour span so if not will pick up and continue Saturday evening.

     I will be doing machines that are either duplicated or presently don’t have users on them first and then after midnight shellx, mail, and the web server as well as the host machines which will take everything down for about twenty minutes.

     This work is necessary to image machines I’ve done a lot of work on so that work isn’t lost if it is necessary to restore from backups, load new kernels on some machines, and other updates such as dbus daemons and glibc on others, as well as to capture the Python3 install on backups.Modern Computer


I’ve installed Python version 3.4.3 on all of the shell servers as well as the mail servers (so it can be used in procmail recipes) and the web server (so that it can be used in cgi’s or via php for active web pages).

I installed it in /usr/local/bin so that it wouldn’t interfere with the 2.7.x versions needed by various system utilities.

The full path is: /usr/local/bin/python3


IMG_4817     Good to occasionally get some mail that isn’t a bill.  Would sure like to see more of it.  If there is something you folks would like added to Eskimo, please please please let me know!

     E-mail me:

      Or call: +1 206 812-0051

Kernel Upgrades

     I have upgraded the kernels on Fedora, Centos7, Scientific7, Debian, Mint, and Ubuntu to the first stable (not a release candidate) 4.0 kernel.  At present this doesn’t confer a lot of benefits but once the user land tools are in place it will allow kernel upgrades without the need for a reboot.

     Do not open e-mail from  It is a forgery.  The website which appears to be on our site is also a forgery.  I do not know how this got past SPF checks but it did.  The link most likely contains a virus, do not open it.