New Web Forums

I’ve totally replaced the old phpBB forums with new MyBB forum software.  Since there hasn’t been any activity in more than 100 days, other than spammers, I completely deleted the old database.

I’ve created only two categories initially, Eskimo North Support and Chatter.  I would like your input with regards to others you’d like created so that it can grow organically.

Please take a look at

Thank you.

A Piece of Eskimo North History

Servers that were recently retired are up for grabs but only until this Friday at which point they’re going down to RePC.  These are dual core Ultra-2 400Mhz Sparc V9 (64-bit) CPU’s.  The machines have between 1-2 GB of RAM, two have 4GB of disk, one has 70.  If you want these call me quick at 206-812-0051 else they’re off to the recyclers on Friday.

Mutt Mail Program

The mutt mail program was misconfigured on shell and shellx resulting in mail being sent from those machines using mutt having from addresses of and respectively.

This in turn caused people replying to e-mail from those incorrect addresses to have their e-mail bounced.

Not all customers experienced this problem as many who were more familiar with mutt simply added set to their .muttrc files.

I have now added this to the system wide /etc/Muttrc file so it will now generate e-mail with correct From addresses.

Maintenance Outage 12:05AM-1:00AM June 15th

Just after midnight tonight there will be a maintenance outage that
involves reboot of virtually all of our servers with the exception of
‘’ and ‘’ to load new Linux kernels and other
updates. There will also be downtime of some of the servers to image them
after recent changes. This maintenance will take approximately one hour to
complete. The main file server will be first and the longest outage, about
20 minutes, the others will be brief.

Mail Trouble – Maintenance Outage

When installing a signed encryption certificate last night I made a typographical error that caused outbound mail to get stuck in queue and not send.

I discovered that someone was wrong this morning when a customer sent me e-mail around 8am, (incoming and local to local was good).

It took me four hours to find it but it has been corrected, all mail in queue is sent, and mail is processing normally.

I will be taking this system down about five minutes after midnight Saturday morning June 8th (just after midnight tonight) to image the machine now that I have it in a working configuration.