Another Round of Reboots Midnight-6AM

     Tonight when the date changes to August 18th Pacific Time, we will be doing another round of reboots.  Depending upon whether or not they’ve fixed a problem with the last kernel that caused automatic NFS mounts to fail, this may be a somewhat lengthier than usual process as I’m going to have to check the NFS mounts on each virtual machine after the reboot of each physical host.

     If this finishes in a reasonable period of time, virtual private servers will experience a brief outage of from 10-15 minutes each to image the machines (a form of backup).


     Nextcloud is currently borked.

     In order to fix a problem with a php module core dumping in rainloop, I attempted to upgrade to php7.3.  Everything worked except nextcloud (and possibly owncloud, did not test).  I attempted to update nextcloud to 14.04 beta.  Still borked.   Went back to php7.2, nextcloud 14.04 does not work under either version and downgrading is not supported so not sure exactly how I’m going to restore.  May have to copy old files off of backup but leave everything else current.  At any rate it’s broken at the moment.

BSD Games

     For those of you who are fans of the old BSD games or simply want to spend a bit of time on nostalgia, these are installed on ubuntu in /usr/games.  You will need to add /usr/games to your path.  Something like this in your .bashrc or equivalent start up script:

export $PATH=$PATH:/usr/games