Web Server Upgraded

     Finally got the web server upgraded.  Don’t really know what went wrong last night, pretty much repeated the same procedure but this time after I had finished the compile environment still worked so I was able to recompile apache2 and have it use the newer openssl 3.0.2.

     So all of eskimo.com including friendica.eskimo.com, hubzilla.eskimo.com, and nextcloud.eskimo.com, and all the hosted websites are now running under Ubuntu 22.04.

Happy Mother’s Day + Maintenance Notice

     I wish to wish all of you who are Mother’s a very happy Mother’s day!

     My mother has been gone from this planet for about a decade now.  She was the wisest woman I’ve ever known in my life.  Lived a hard life but threw her best effort at it.  She is with the Lord now I am sure, she was a good woman.

     Today I also tested negative for Covid so in spite of being 63, diabetic, with high blood pressure and overweight it didn’t succeed in killing me!  Well now I have natural immunity without having had a clot-shot.  I know there are still people who believe in that thing but I would suggest strongly you avail yourself to some of the 75,000 pages of data Pfiezer was forced to release.  Strangely, I have had some folks be angry at me for not taking the clot-shot but I’ve not endangered anyone as I completely self-isolated for the duration of the disease.

     And on a final note, I will be taking the web server down again tonight for a while making one more attempt to upgrade.  I actually had it working briefly under 22.04 last night but with the wrong version of openssl, and trying to correct that resulted in a chain reaction of deleted software owing to new dependencies in 22.04 that are going to require some work-arounds, so I had to revert to the previous backup.

     End of life for the OS on the web server happens this July so push is coming close to shove.  After that there are no security updates and the web server is perhaps the most exposed server in terms of the total number of services it makes available to exploit so it is of particular importance to keep current.

     This will affect all web sites hosted under Eskimo North shared hosting plans as well as https://friendica.eskimo.com, https://hubzilla.eskimo.com/, https://nextcloud.eskimo.com/, and https://www.eskimo.com.

     The plan is tonight to get it into the same state where it is on 22.04 but still running the old openssl, then write backups, then work on correcting that which unfortunately is going to also require fixing much of my build environment which upgrading to 22.04 also broke.

Web Server and Covid Update

     I was unsuccessful at upgrading the web server last night but learned some more things and am going to make another stab tonight but before I start I am going to take it down for about 1/2 hour to make a backup as there was an upgrade to hubzilla today that I don’t want to accidentally back out.

     Then with respect to covid, Tina and Raymond, my wife and son who is still living with us, tested negative last night so they are getting over it.  I still tested positive but the line on the test was very weak.  And last night was the first night I’ve been able to sleep without intestinal and stomach pain in over a week and the congestion is down substantially so while I’m not totally over it I’m doing much better.

Web Server Maintenance

     I am going to make another attempt at updating the distro on the web server, if it fails there will be about a half-hour downtime to restore from backup, if it succeeds only a few minutes to reboot.

     Past attempts have failed because of library version mis-matches, I believe I’ve got a way to identify and fix the offending libraries.

     This will impact https://friendica.eskimo.com/, https://hubzilla.eskimo.com/, https://nextcloud.eskimo.com/, https://www.eskimo.com/, and all the shared hosting sites we host.

Web Server Maintenance 10pm-11pm

     Now that I’ve removed a number of unused PPAs, removed “Proposed” packages, and hopefully gotten the web server better prepared for a distribution update, I am going to take the server down for approximately an hour between 10pm-11pm tonight to make another image backup prior to another distribution upgrade attempt.

     This will affect https://friendica.eskimo.com/, https://hubzilla.eskimo.com/, https://nextcloud.eskimo.com/, and https://www.eskimo.com/ as well as any shared hosting customers during this interval.


     Because at some point I got the proposed archive enabled on Ubuntu, there are incorrect versions of a lot of software installed on Ubuntu making upgrading impossible.  I have to de-install all this stuff, upgrade, and then re-install.  So Ubuntu is going to be marginally functional while this is in progress.  I hope that I can complete this over the weekend.  In the meantime if something you need is among that removed, please use Debian, Mint, Zorin, or MxLinux, and if what you need is not present on them please use the ticket system to request what you need be installed.

Ubuntu and WebServer Maintenance 10PM – 11PM Tonight

     I am going to take the shell server, ubuntu.eskimo.com, and the web server www.eskimo.com down for maintenance tonight between 10pm-11pm to make backups prior to upgrading from Ubuntu 20.04 Focal to Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy.

     After the backups I will begin upgrade.  I do not anticipate long downtime for Ubuntu for the actual upgrade, only a reboot, however the webserver will take someone long as the change from OpenSSL 1.1.1 to OpenSSL 3.0.1 will require recompiling httpd.

     This will affect https://friendica.eskimo.com/, https://hubzilla.eskimo.com/, and https://nextcloud.eskimo.com/ as well as all virtual domains hosted with us.  I do not expect this to take more than 10-15 minutes for the actual upgrade as apache should continue to run until I reboot.

Covid and Mailed Payments

     I have to ask that you not mail payments until further notice as TIna, Raymond, and myself are all down with Covid-19.

     We are all doing alright so far, staying in our heads and not going into our lungs, good oxygen saturation status, mild fevers.  Pretty much the symptoms of your average head cold thus far.  Tina and I have been sick since Friday, Raymond just got sick today.

     We are pretty sure we know who exposed us to this and it was a triple jabbed moron that works with Tina that got it after being exposed to his sister but continued to walk around the store with it for a week anyway.