Old Shell Server Up

     The old SunOS 4.1.4 server, “eskimo.com“, is back up.  There is a bug in SunOS where sometimes the kernel will continue to operate and service things like ping but will not schedule time to user tasks any longer.  It was stuck in that state.  The only way to fix that is to reboot. Unlike the virtual machines, the only way to do that if I can’t login is to drive down to the facility.  That was made fun by 3-out-of-4 lines of I-90 being closed.  Thank you Washington Department of Transportation!


Old Shell Server Down

     The old “eskimo.com” shell server is currently down.  It is in a state where I can ping it but can not login.  I will need to make a trip to the co-location facility to correct this so it will be several hours.  In the meantime, all of the Linux based servers are up and available for your use.



     OwnCloud is presently down and is in the process of being upgraded to version 9.0.2.

     Owing to the upgrade to PHP7 before upgrading OwnCloud, it was not possible to do this in a graceful manner so a complete re-install is necessary.  I am still getting basic things like authentication working.  Please be patient.

Out of Office 11:30AM – 1:30PM

     I’ll be out of the office from about 11:30AM to about 1:30PM to get a workout in.  Need this to fight diabetic neuropathy.  Had my first workout in 7+ years yesterday and had my first good nights sleep in about three weeks.  Also had second lowest fasting and after meal blood sugar levels since I started measuring so I know my body really needs these.


     The counter problem seems to have mysteriously fixed itself.  Disabling and re-enabling the PHP plugin then clearing the cache got things working again.