Dial Access Fully Restored

     We found servers in our logs that were not in our server configuration.

     Further investigation determined that GlobalPOPs had added additional radius servers but had not informed us.  Requests coming from new servers not in our configuration were rejected causing authentication failures.

     I obtained a complete list of their radius servers, added it to our clients.conf file and now authentication is functioning again.


Dial-up Access Down

     Presently, our dial-up customers are unable to authenticate.

     We have tested our radius authentication servers and those of our wholesale provider and found the issue to be with the providers authentication servers.

     I attempted to generate a ticket via the normal means at GlobalPops loginto.us website and found the ticket link broken on their website as well.

     Since they normally do not allow phone tech support and have no means of contacting other than the now broken ticket system, I called their retail dial-up center and got them to generate a ticket for me.  I was assured I would receive a copy in my e-mail and someone would contact me but so far neither has occurred.


Maintenance Rescheduled

     Work I had planned for Friday Evening / Saturday Morning will be rescheduled for Saturday Evening / Sunday morning owing to it taking me longer to get things prepared than I had anticipated.

Maintenance Friday – Saturday

     Late Friday evening into early Saturday there will be some downtime for system maintenance.  First probably around 10:30, I will be taking the server that hosts home directories, out of service for up to an hour.  The reason for this is I will be adding a pair of 10TB drives to allow us to increase the size of the /home directory partition.

     Next I will be moving home directories to this new partition.  While this process will take some time, only during the final aspect when I am ready to switch partitions, will additional downtime be required.  At that point I will need to reboot the machine.

     Then I will need to reboot a number of other machines in order to make a kernel upgrade active.